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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Referees miss penalty on key blocked field goal by Seahawks

Bobby Wagner leap frog

The officials in Monday night’s Seattle Seahawks-Minnesota Vikings game missed an obvious penalty on a key blocked field goal by Bobby Wagner.

Minnesota was down 6-0 to Seattle with just under six minutes remaining and tried a 47-yard field goal by Dan Bailey. The kick was blocked by Wagner, who used his teammates to jump over the line and block the kick:

Here’s a shot that shows he clearly used his teammates for leverage:

The officials threw a flag on the play immediately and met to discuss afterwards but determined there was no penalty, allowing the block to stand.

It’s truly a wonder how they decided there was no penalty. If a player uses another player as leverage to help block a kick, that is against the rules. That should have been a 15-yard penalty and first down for Minnesota. They would have had the ball at the Seattle 14 in a 6-0 game and a good shot to take the lead with a touchdown and extra point.

Instead, Seattle got the ball, drove for a touchdown, made a 2-point conversion, and then got a strip-sack return for a touchdown on the following possession to blow the game open at 21-0.

That blocked kick was a game-changer, and missing the penalty was a huge whiff by the officials. It was a complete game-changing mistake. Officials should have looked out for it, because Wagner is known for this type of play.

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