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#pounditMonday, May 27, 2024

Richard Sherman hints at why he suffered hamstring injury

Richard Sherman in practice gear

Richard Sherman could not make it through the first quarter of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night, as the veteran cornerback left the game with a hamstring injury. Most injuries are merely bad luck, but Sherman isn’t chalking his up to that.

Sherman tweeted on Friday that he is “disappointed” but plans to bounce back stronger. He said the hamstring injury occurred because he “asked a lot from my body in a short amount of time.”

Sherman, 33, signed with the Bucs days before their Week 4 game against the New England Patriots. Most people assumed he would take a week or two to get up to speed and into game shape, but he instead played immediately. He was picked on by the Patriots in that game before recording three tackles last week against the Miami Dolphins.

Prior to Thursday’s game, Sherman told FOX’s Erin Andrews that he felt great physically but was still learning Tampa Bay’s playbook. His tweet on Friday indicates that he knows he may have rushed things a bit.

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