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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Tim Tebow reportedly chose Jets over Jags because they wanted him more

When the Jets and Broncos original trade for Tim Tebow was delayed Wednesday because of a payment issue, it was reported that the Jaguars had re-entered negotiations. ESPN’s Adam Schefter also reported that it was up to Tebow to decide to which team he preferred to be traded. Tebow denied that he had input in where he was dealt, but Schefter reports that Tebow preferred to go to the Jets because he felt they wanted him more than the Jags.

“In a perfect world Tim Tebow would have gone home to Jacksonville. That’s what he ideally would liked to have done, but the situations in New York and in Jacksonville were different,” Schefter said on SportsCenter Wednesday.

“The Jets coaching staff made it be known that they really wanted Tim Tebow. The front office really wanted Tim Tebow. That was not a feeling he got from the Jacksonville Jaguars front office and coaching staff. There was a feeling in New York he was going to be used. There was going to be a wildcat package for him. There would be things that are in New York that would not be done in Jacksonville.

“In a perfect the Jaguars would have been able to do what the Jets are now hoping to do with Tim Tebow, and he would have gone home there. But it wasn’t the case, so Tim Tebow expressed his preference to wind up in New York, with the Jets, as much as it pained him to be away from his home town.”

For anyone doubting the veracity of Schefter’s report that Tebow was allowed to choose his team, this helps explain why he would have picked the Jets over his hometown team. I know I was skeptical of the report because teams often make deals in their best interest, but this sounds legitimate.

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