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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Tom Brady, wife Gisele celebrated 51-point game in style on Facebook

Tom Brady Gisele

Tom Brady’s Facebook page might be the hottest thing on the internet these days, and he and his wife Gisele sure know how to spice it up.

Brady has gotten into the habit of posting hilarious photos of him celebrating following his team’s wins this season.

There was this after the Patriots beat the Jets in Week 7:

This was the pose after the Pats beat the Bengals 43-17 in Week 5:

And the photo at the top of him throwing up a five and wife Gisele throwing up the 1 to represent the amount of points the Pats put up against the Bears was awesome.

Before the game, the Tom Brady Facebook page threw up something even better — a meme of Brady fighting an actual bear:

Brady’s Facebook also is dominating with the throwback photos. This was the one they added when the Celtics opened up the season:

So, yeah, Gisele is one supportive football wife (who also happens to be probably the top model in the world), and Brady has possibly the greatest athlete Facebook page on the internet. Well done, Brady and Gisele.

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