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Khloe Kardashian considering restraining order against Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian

The latest twist in the Khloe Kardashian-Lamar Odom saga is that Khloe apparently is considering a restraining order against her estranged husband.

Kardashian filed for divorce from Odom for a second time in May — she previously had called off her first divorce attempt — and is losing patience with the former NBA player.

Radar Online says Odom has been harassing her and name-calling through drunken text message barrages.

“She’s now considering a restraining order against him because he’s been threatening all kinds of crazy things, from spilling all her secrets to hoping she drops dead,” an insider told Radar Online.

The report should not come as much of a surprise. Khloe was said to be “sick” over Lamar’s drinking and had wanted him to go to rehab a few months ago. On top of her disappointment with Odom over his alcoholism, Khloe was seen flirting with Odell Beckham Jr., which may be giving her more confidence to move on from Lamar.

Friends reportedly found crack pipes in Lamar Odom’s home

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom’s friends are reportedly concerned that the former NBA star is using drugs again.

According to TMZ, some of Odom’s friends recently found crack pipes in his home and confronted him over it. The discovery was supposedly made when Odom’s friends went to his house for an intervention. He was said to be unreceptive and insisted he does not need help. During the visit, the friends reportedly noticed “drug paraphernalia scattered all over the place.”

Odom nearly lost his life after he overdosed on drugs at a Nevada brothel back in October. We know he has been drinking alcohol, and his friends were already said to be very concerned about that. It was also a source of stress for Khloe Kardashian.

Odom is lucky to be alive, so we certainly hope he isn’t using drugs again. We also hope he ignores this offer from the brothel where he overdosed. You’d hate to see Odom turn his nose up at his second lease on life.

Khloe Kardashian files for divorce from Lamar Odom again, wants kids

Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian has once again filed for divorce from Lamar Odom, according to a report.

Kardashian and Odom were in the process of splitting before Odom suffered a drug overdose nearly six months ago, which led to Khloe putting the divorce on hold. She was quick to point out that the former couple had not reconciled and that she simply felt the timing was inappropriate given Odom’s health situation.

TMZ is now reporting that Kardashian re-filed the divorce paperwork on Thursday. The split is said to be an “amicable” one, as there is a prenup in place and was already a property settlement worked out the first time around.

In a later report, TMZ added that Kardashian spoke to Odom and explained that she wants to have children and start a family. She had promised to not go through with the divorce until she was confident Odom can take care of himself.

Odom’s friends have supposedly been concerned that the former NBA star is drinking again after nearly losing his life. Kardashian reportedly wanted Odom to go to rehab and was distraught that he feels he can drink responsibly given all that happened.

As for starting a family, it’s unclear if Kardashian is dating anyone at the moment. She called things off with this NBA star a while back.

Lamar Odom invited back to brothel, offered free women and alcohol

Lamar Odom

It has been six months since Lamar Odom overdosed on drugs, and the owner of the establishment where the former NBA star nearly lost his life thinks it’s about time Odom returned for a visit.

Dennis Hof, owner of the Love Ranch in Nevada, has invited Odom back to his brothel and offered him complimentary “services.”

“First night and 2 girls are on me, plus all the Remy Martin you can drink,” Hof told TMZ.

Hof has clearly come a long way from threatening to sue Khloe Kardashian for all the money Odom owed him.

While Odom was said to have been drinking very heavily before being rushed to the hospital, Hof says it was drug use — not sex and alcohol — that was the issue. Hof promised to ensure Odom’s privacy this time by shutting down all security cameras and collecting cell phones. He also wants to remind Odom how much the people of the Love Ranch care about him.

“Don’t forget, the people who work here are the one’s who saved his life,” Hof said. “We truly care about him.”

Odom did overdose on drugs (listen to the terrifying 911 call here), but is that really the point? Going back to the Love Ranch sounds like a terrible idea. People close to Odom are already reportedly concerned that the 36-year-old is drinking again. The last thing Odom needs is to revert back to some of his old ways.

Baron Davis wants Lamar Odom to play in Drew League

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom recently expressed interest in getting his basketball career back on track, and Baron Davis has offered to help by inviting Odom to play with the Drew League this summer.

Davis told TMZ this week that he is planning to reach out to Odom.

“I’m going to reach out to LO to see if he would want to play alongside me on my team since he is wanting to return,” he said.

The Drew League, which gained heightened publicity during the 2011 NBA lockout, is one of the top summer leagues in the country for offseason basketball. Many NBA players and incredibly talented amateurs play in the league, and that way be a great way for Odom to show he can still play.

But can he still play? Odom said earlier this month that the next step on his road to recovery is getting back to playing basketball, though he did not specify if he meant he is eyeing an NBA comeback. It’s not a great sign that there have been rumors Odom is drinking again, though he insists he does not still have a problem.

In addition to almost losing his life to a drug overdose less than six months ago, Odom is 36. He would probably have a hard time making an NBA comeback at his age if he was totally healthy, let alone with some of the things we have heard about him. But if he has any chance at all, the Drew League would be a great place to start.

Lamar Odom hints he wants to make NBA comeback

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom was in attendance Wednesday night to watch the final game of Kobe Bryant’s NBA career. At the conclusion of the evening, Odom hinted that he is hoping his own basketball career is not yet over.

Odom spoke with ET on the floor at the Staples Center and was asked how he has been feeling. He said he has “never been better” and that the next step for him is to get back to playing.

“(I want to) get back on the court,” he said. “I still got it. I can (still play).”

Odom also addressed Khloe Kardashian’s recent comments about moving forward with the divorce.

“We did talk, you know, everything is [up for] discussion,” he said. “We talk about anything. We’ve been through a lot. It won’t ever stop.”

The chances of Odom returning to the NBA are incredibly slim. In addition to being less than six months removed from nearly dying of a drug overdose, there have been rumors that Odom is drinking again and his friends are said to be concerned. Odom said it can be “tough” listening to all the gossip reports.

“I mean, it gets tough, especially if so much gets speculated,” he explained when asked about photos that showed him out at a bar. “Only a few people know the truth, and I just keep that close to my heart.”

When you read about some of the health issues Odom is still having, it’s hard to imagine basketball is an option at this point. Perhaps he could sign with a team in Europe if his skills are still intact, but even that seems like a stretch.

You can watch Odom’s interview with ET below:

Khloe Kardashian reportedly ‘sick’ over Lamar Odom’s drinking

Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom is back to drinking alcohol less than six months after he nearly died of a drug overdose, and Khloe Kardashian is reportedly extremely concerned about him.

According to TMZ, Kardashian cancelled the scheduled filming of her show “Kocktails with Khloe” this week because she is so broken up about Odom’s drinking habits.

We’re told Khloe told production she was too sick to shoot Thursday, but it’s not because of the flu. Sources close to production tell us she’s stressed out worrying about Lamar Odom’s drinking. We’re told she’s been an emotional wreck.

Odom, who is still legally married to Khloe, was spotted drinking at an Irish pub in the Los Angeles area the night before he went to church with the Kardashians on Easter Sunday. Some of his friends are reportedly concerned about his decision to drink. Odom supposedly believes he is capable of casually drinking without it becoming an issue, but it sounds like Kardashian does not agree.

Odom recently made a public appearance in a very high-profile place, so that should be considered a good sign. Still, it’s always alarming when you hear that someone with a history of substance abuse is not making a commitment to sobriety.

Lamar Odom attends Lakers game as guest of Kobe Bryant

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom made his return to Staples Center on Wednesday as a guest of Kobe Bryant.

ESPN LA’s Ramona Shelburne reported that Bryant left two tickets for Odom to attend the Lakers-Heat game:

Reporter Rachel Nichols snapped a photo of Odom at Staples Center:

Here he is greeting fans:

This game marks one of Odom’s highest-profile public appearances since he overdosed in October. Last month Odom attended a college baseball game not far from where he lives in Los Angeles. He also has been photographed out at bars recently, so we know he’s starting to get out there.

Showing up at a Lakers game and receiving all the love from his fans may work wonders for Odom’s self-esteem. Some of his friends reportedly are concerned about his drinking, but him making an appearance like this is a good sign.

Khloe Kardashian reportedly wants Lamar Odom to go to alcohol rehab

Lamar Odom Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian is concerned that Lamar Odom still has a substance abuse problem, and she is reportedly trying to get him to seek help.

According to TMZ, Kardashian is “doing everything she can” to convince Odom that he needs help, even suggesting an outpatient program if the former NBA star does not want to check into a rehab treatment facility. Odom’s family members are also said to be worried, noting that Odom’s father and several other members of his family have struggled with addiction.

While Odom is reportedly willing to go to physical rehab, he does not think his drinking is a problem. Odom was spotted drinking at a bar hours before he attended church with the Kardashian family on Easter Sunday.

Long before he nearly lost his life due to an overdose at a Nevada brothel, Odom had a major drug problem. He even entered rehab for drugs and alcohol back in 2013.

If you read the update Kardashian gave on Odom’s progress a couple months ago, you’ll understand why drinking alcohol sounds like a horrible idea for him.

Report: Lamar Odom’s friends concerned about his drinking habits


Lamar Odom was spotted at a bar near Los Angeles over the weekend, and you can understand why that has raised a lot of questions for a guy who is less than six months removed from almost dying of a drug overdose. According to one report, Odom’s friends are concerned.

Sources close to Odom reportedly told TMZ that they fear Lamar is heading down a “dark path,” as he believes he is capable of casually drinking without any consequences. Odom’s decision to drink has supposedly created tension between him and Khloe Kardashian, and the former NBA star got up to go to church on Easter Sunday to prove he could function normally after drinking the night before.

Odom was seen at an Irish pub in Sherman Oaks drinking Remy Martin, which TMZ notes is the same booze he was drinking the weekend he overdosed at a Nevada brothel.

“We all are really, really sad he’s decided to do this,” one person close to Odom told TMZ.

If you read what Kardashian said about Odom just a couple of months ago, you’ll understand why drinking alcohol sounds like a bad idea for the 36-year-old. It would be great if Odom was able to overcome the issues he had with drug abuse, but it’d likely be even better if he committed to living a totally clean lifestyle.