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Monday, December 16, 2019

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Super Bowl Left No Hotel Rooms for Magic, Messed Up Their Travel Plans to Indy

This is just a hunch, but I’m guessing the biggest event in Indianapolis this weekend will be the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for basketball fans, the Pacers and Magic will have to take a back seat this time around. In fact, there are not even any hotel rooms remaining for the Magic to stay in on Friday night before their game against the Pacers Saturday.

According to the Indianapolis Star, the Magic will have to fly to Cincinnati on Friday night after their home game against the Cavs. They will stay in Cincinnati that night, and fly to Indy to face the Pacers the day of the game on Saturday. You didn’t expect Stan Van Gundy to be pleased about that, did you?

“I don’t even need to comment on it,” an annoyed Van Gundy said. “You guys can comment on it and save me my money. When you come out with the schedule in December and have a game in the Super Bowl city, lodging might be a problem.”

In the NBA’s defense, the condensed schedule from the lockout made things a bit more complicated. Still, Van Gundy is right. Somebody should have thought of that right away and known it was going to be an issue. Things are going poorly enough for the Magic at the moment. They don’t need any added distractions or complications.

“I guess we’ll try to walk through in the hotel,” Van Gundy said. “It’ll be a different situation than what we’re normally used to. Normally if people are going to play us, they don’t fly into Tampa. That’s the way it goes.”

That is, indeed, the way it goes. It may not be fair, but no sporting event in America is more important than the Super Bowl. As much as I hate the phrase, this is the epitome of a “life’s not fair” scenario.

Chest bump to I Am a GM for the story

Dwight Howard Calls Out Magic Teammates, but Do They Respect Him?

Dwight Howard called out his Magic teammates after the squad got hammered by the Hornets 93-67 Friday. The blowout loss came to a team on a nine-game losing streak, and a day after Orlando blew a 27-point lead to the Celtics. Dwight questioned his teammates’ efforts.

“I look at guys and they don’t look like they want to play,” Howard said. “I told them at halftime, ‘If you don’t want to play, just stay in the locker room, because it don’t make sense for a team who we should beat to just demolish us.’

“It hurts to get out there and you play your hardest and you expect everybody to play the same way, and I’m not calling anybody out by no means because we all have to get better … But if you don’t want to be out there, don’t dress up,” Howard said. “If you don’t want to play, stay home. People work too hard. I want to win a championship. I work too hard every night for anybody to not want to go out there and play hard.”

Howard may sound like he’s demonstrating strong leadership skills by standing up this way, but he should understand something. Why would his teammates be following him knowing that he’s going to be leaving the team soon? It’s hard to listen to someone who’s not committed to the team, which Howard isn’t. Orlando should have traded for Chris Paul to make this season their last run at a championship before disbanding. Now they’re stuck with a mess.

Photo Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Magic Survey: Would You Renew Your Season Tickets if Dwight Howard Leaves?

If Magic fans respond to this survey the way they are supposed to, the Orlando Magic could be the dumbest organization in basketball.  If the fans give a response that would help push Dwight Howard out the door, they could be the dumbest fanbase in America.  In a recent survey that the Magic gave out to season-ticket holders, one of the questions they asked was whether or not people would renew their seats if Dwight Howard was not on the team. Don’t believe us? Check out this picture that Darren Rovell shared:

Darren Rovell's photo Magic season ticket holder survey asks: If Dwight Howard leaves, will you renew? (via @ebayticketshop)

For those of you who can’t read that, the statement says, “If Dwight Howard leaves the Magic, I will not renew my season tickets.” Fans are asked to check off a bubble indicating how much they agree or disagree with the statement.  Wow.

Who in their right mind would indicate that they “disagree” with that and basically give the team permission to not keep Howard?  These are the same fans who bought out billboard space to try to entice the team to trade for Chris Paul, so I doubt they’re going to say “no problem” to the thought of losing their best player.  Dumbest survey question in the history of professional sports? It just may be.

Thanks to I Am a GM for pointing out the hilarity.

Magic Fan Marshall Coleman Drugged Out from Dental Surgery Really Wants Dwight Howard to Stay (Video)

Whether he plays one more season in Orlando or not, chances are Dwight Howard will not be in a Magic uniform to start the 2012-2013 season.  A handful of teams are interested in trading for the Magic center before the season begins and even more would be interested in signing him as a free agent next offseason.  The relationship between Howard and the Orlando front office seems to be strained, and the more likely scenario is that he ends up with a team like the Nets.  That is terrible news for Magic fan Marshall Coleman, who really wants Dwight to stay. Check out this video that Ball Don’t Lie shared with us:

On the bright side, there are far more embarrassing things you can be videotaped doing after having your wisdom teeth removed.  Coleman wants one of the best players in the league to re-sign with his team.  Who wouldn’t?  There’s no better time to get people to listen than when you’re freaking out on anesthesia.

Video credit: Marshall Coleman’s brother’s Twitter.

NBA GM: Magic Would Rather Let Dwight Howard Walk, No One Wants the Lakers’ Old Guys

Any team that decided to trade for a guy like Dwight Howard or Chris Paul would have to be fairly certain they will get the player they acquired to sign an extension. With Howard and Paul becoming free agents after this year, no team wants to give up a huge package just to rent their services for a year. One team that should have no problem signing either to an extension would be the Lakers, for obvious reasons. However, at this point it does not appear that L.A. has offered any type of package that would overwhelm the Magic into dealing Howard.

Amico is an NBA writer for FOX Sports, so his sources are likely trustworthy. With that in mind, we would have to assume the Lakers have not offered Andrew Bynum in exchange for Howard. Perhaps they are intending to use Bynum as the center piece of a deal with New Orleans, and someone like Pau Gasol qualifies as an “old guy” at age 31.

With rumors swirling that the Lakers are interested in adding both Paul and Howard, it is fair to raise the question of whether or not they have enough to offer to acquire both. Neither New Orleans nor Orlando is going to give their franchise superstar up without receiving a truckload in return, and how many first-round draft picks can the Lakers offer?  If L.A. does anything, the more likely scenario would be that they acquire one of the two via trade and the other via free agency next year, assuming he is not traded to another team.  At this point, however, it doesn’t appear that it would be reasonable to assume that about either player.

Orlando Billboard Pushes for Magic to Trade for Chris Paul (Picture)

Dwight Howard is going to stay with the Magic and Chris Paul is going to join him.  Actually, the Lakers are going to pull off a trade centered around Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol that brings both Howard and Paul to L.A.  Come to think of it, CP3 is gung ho to play for the Knicks, meaning no team will want to trade for him if they can’t sign him to an extension.  Superman will probably join him in New York.  The Celtics are looking to trade Rajon Rondo for Paul and might also be interested in signing Dwight next offseason.  Don’t count out Jay-Z, however — he might have interest, too.

Amidst all this insane speculation in which one scenario is no less likely than the next, you can’t say the people of Orlando aren’t trying.  Check out this billboard that @DavidBaumann33 shared with us:

Don’t laugh.  Broncos fans got what they wanted via the billboard route.  Chicago Bears fans are still waiting, but it has worked before and it could work again.  Thankfully, we should have some clarity by the end of the month.  Maybe.

H/T Alex Kennedy

Gilbert Arenas Thinks Orlando Magic Didn’t Let Him be His Best

Gilbert Arenas has gone from franchise player to benchwarmer in a few short years. Multiple knee surgeries sapped his biggest strength — his quickness — and with that went his confidence. Now he’s an overpaid player trying to figure out his role with the Orlando Magic. Dwight Howard thinks the team didn’t use him properly last year. Neither does Gil. He went off on a twitter rant Saturday as IamaGM.com pointed out, and said the biggest problem was his lack of freedom on the court:

Imma do my part this summer And hopefully I do get a fair shot..don’t wanna feel or look like last year..

I like the ppl who use stats to argue..I played with 100 percent green light for entire career..last year I had 0 percent freedom

Now u hav a scorer who is scared to shot the ball becuz if he miss he starts lookin over his shoulder. No player can play like that

The 3 best games I had..was when I knew I couldn’t get pulled..so miss shots and mistakes wasn’t on my mind..just gettn buckets..

But I was a killer in practice tho…lmaoo omg I could shot any shot..I wanted..I was a practice all star..lol

The points he made are understandable and it’s fair to say he’s not a good fit in Orlando. Stan Van Gundy frequently complained that Gilbert wasn’t fitting the team’s system (on either end of the court). I’m not ready to write the rest of Gilbert’s career off, but it’s hard to envision him ever getting back to All-Star levels. One thing does look certain: if he does get back to his old scoring self, it probably will be with a team that has a looser structure.