The Dragon Has Finally Been Slain

angels celebration

I suppose I could just let the picture tell the story because it is worth a thousand words but I’ll supply a few since I have the chance. I have wanted to talk about this series so many times but I kept my mouth shut — maybe for the same reason players don’t talk to their pitcher in the middle of a no-hitter. I can’t even tell you how much pain the Red Sox have caused Angels fans over the past five years. High hopes crushed year in and year out. Winning 100 games only to see the effort go to waste with three losses to the Red Sox. Seeing a team score runs during the regular season only to be shutout by Boston’s arms. Going head to head only to see the bullpen blow it or a reliable starting pitcher get smacked. Yet the Angels did to the Red Sox the exact inverse of what had been done to them three straight times.

This time around it was Boston that was unable to hit in the first two games. This time around it was Boston that got shutout and held to eight hits over two games despite having several talented hitters in the lineup. This time around it was Boston’s reliable, dominant closer who got lit up in the most improbable fashion. The Angels beat Jon Lester, Josh Beckett, and Jonathan Papelbon to sweep the series — one of the most potent playoff threesomes of all-time, given their history. Talk about a monkey off someone’s back, this was a freaking elephant lifted. To provide you with some more perspective on the sweep, Jonathan Papelbon had never given up a run in the playoffs prior to blowing Game 3. Never! Paps had a 0.00 ERA and 0.62 WHIP in 26 playoff innings until the Angels got to him on Sunday. The Angels were down to their final strike before rallying to take the lead. This is a new team and a new era and the curse has finally been broken.

Now, before I get too damn giddy pissing my pants, I have to caution that in this bizarro playoff world that the Angels beat the Red Sox, that means their recent run of dominance over the Yankees could come to an end. This is one team down of hopefully three, but it was probably the biggest. What a relief.

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  • JS

    Great comeback by the Angels today. I was even excited for them. I’m happy for you, you are a very loyal fan.

  • Evan

    As a longtime Bostonian I have to tip my hat to Anaheim. In the end the better team won. The Red Sox right now are a team with no identity, held together with duct tape and a handful of bad multimillion dollar contracts. Not to simply say their offense was mostly AWOL (though it anemic) but that Anaheim’s pitching was very effective. I’m rooting for Angels v. Dodgers World Series at this point. First, that means Yankees get to taste bitter defeat and, secondly, it offsets both LA teams’ statistical chance of returning to the World Series next year–muahaha. Good job Angels and congrats to the fans. Good luck with the Yanks.

  • SpinMax

    wow the 6th payroll team beat the 4th payroll team. big upset. now they play the 1st payroll team. course in the NL you have the 9th payroll vs. the 7th. How are the ratings? does anyone watch this junk anymore?