Aubrey Huff Hoping Pilates Can Lead to Bounceback Season

If there’s one thing Aubrey Huff has lacked since leaving Tampa Bay in 2006, it’s consistency. He’s had bad seasons and followed them with good ones. That has been the case with the Giants.

In 2009, Huff hit 26 home runs and OPSd .891 on a one-year $3 million deal with the club. After winning the World Series, San Francisco decided to bring him back on a two-year $22 million deal. Huff played poorly and batted just .246 with 12 home runs. He admits he didn’t prepare as well as he should have entering last season, and he admits he deserved the criticism he received. He’s hoping a return to his 2009 offseason routine of doing Pilates several times a week will lead to a strong 2011 campaign.

“I think I’m preparing a lot better this offseason as far as Pilates,” Huff told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Huff’s wife is a Pilates instructor, and the thonged man did it three times a week leading into his ’09 season. He says it helped his muscles, back, and overall well-being, but “for some stupid reason” he didn’t do it last year.

Folks may clown Huff doing women’s exercises, but a real man will do whatever it takes to ensure he has success. At the least, Huff owes it to the Giants, if not himself, to do whatever he can to get regain his top form. And as someone who used to do Yogalates on a regular basis, I can tell you that stuff helps. Maybe I need to get back to it too.

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  • http://twitter.com/brilliantbodies Julie Fisher

    Love the article and thanks for this but as a certified Pilates instructor who started studying it in the 80’s i please resent the comment “women’s exercises” I know you are trying to promote the effort but using that term is exactly the problem. Joseph Pilates was a straight “man” who created the program FOR men, was an athlete himself and worked with athlete and boxers as well as many many men for years before any woman even began. So thank you for the article but next time a request to stay positive and not use a comment that still insinuates that pilates is for women when in fact it is for everone.
    Julie Fisher, Brilliantbodiesbyjulie

  • http://twitter.com/brilliantbodies Julie Fisher

    why did you delete my post? really not right.