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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Chad Qualls Angers Giants by Spiking Ball After Tagging Out Andres Torres

Padres reliever Chad Qualls upset the Giants by doing a little sack dance after tagging out Andres Torres at the plate to end the 7th inning Tuesday night. San Diego won the game 5-3 and the Giants took offense to Qualls’ celebration afterwards, as our friend at Gaslamp Ball point out.

“That’s not professional,” Torres said about Qualls’ spike. “I don’t believe in making a show on the field.”

There’s little doubt Qualls was pumped to get out of the inning without having to pitch to Pablo Sandoval (who was at the plate when Torres was tagged out). He also said his actions weren’t intentional.

“I kind of lost my mind out there,” Qualls said. “It was adrenaline. This is a big series for us.”

It’s understandable why Qualls reacted the way he did and it’s understandable why Torres was upset. I’d be upset with Qualls if he did it intentionally, but sometimes your emotions come out when you’re all hyped up during a game. If the Giants want to get back at him, they’ll have to do so on the field by getting a win.

Forearm bash to Gaslamp Ball for the story

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