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Friday, April 20, 2018

Couple goes to D-Backs game for first date, brings poster to prove it (Video)

A young man named Brandon and a young woman named Brittany spent their first date at the Diamondbacks-Cardinals game on Tuesday night. The two were shown on camera by FS Arizona and that’s when Brandon seemed to be alerted on his cell phone that he was on TV. The young woman seemed slightly embarrassed, but she told a TV reporter the date was going “pretty good.” The great part is that FS Arizona ran a text poll asking fans to vote on whether or not they thought there would be a second date for the couple. Brittany said there would be a second date, as did the fans, who voted 51-49 that there would be one. Even the announcers were in favor of the romance; they offered the couple tickets to Saturday’s game for their second date.

What is it about D-Backs games that they always seem to involve strange love tales?

Below is a look at the humorous text poll:

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