Fake Fausto Carmona Reportedly Was Outed by Real Fausto Carmona’s Mom on a Radio Show Because of Monetary Dispute

The Indians pitcher formerly known as Fausto Carmona was arrested in the Dominican Republic this week for using a false identity. Carmona, or Roberto Hernadez Heredia if you prefer, has been pitching with the assumed name since 2000. So what led to his arrest several years later? Apparently a dispute over the amount of money he would have paid the real Fausto Carmona to continue using the false identity.

Pedro Gomez reported on Outside the Lines Friday that the real Fausto Carmona’s mother went on a popular radio show in the Dominican Republic and outed fake Fausto Carmona. The U.S. government began investigating after the radio appearance. When fake Fausto went to apply for a visa, he was arrested.

So why did real Fausto’s mother out the fake Fausto? Because of a monetary dispute.

Gomez says the Carmona family wanted a pay raise when they learned the pitcher was going to receive a salary bump. When fake Fausto balked, the mother outed him, leading to his arrest.

This saga reminds me of the Reggie Bush payment gone wrong. We’ve learned once again that if you’ve agreed to pay someone as part of a nefarious plan, it’s best not to go against that.

H/T Chris Assenheimer

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  • Anonymous

    Great idea. you had a free payday, could have kept the same payday, but got greedy and now get nothing. way to go

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like “mom” is an accossory to a crime! If he goes to jail so does half the women in the US for lying about their age.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LK7URZHNXJAR4GC6KEJPTZ2OFA Robert

    Too bad Fausto, the gigs up and so is your carrer! Should have paid the hush money and lived with the lie you were living but you tried to put the squeeze on these people and you will now pay.

  • Anonymous

    Well dear old Mom of the real Fausto must really be an idiot….now she gets nothing!!!!