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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Joe Kelly does not wear glasses as a hitter because he sees too well with them

Joe Kelly glasses

St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Joe Kelly does something extremely unconventional when he plays. The man wears eye glasses when he’s on the mound, but not when he’s batting at the plate.

It makes very little sense that Kelly wouldn’t use glasses for both situations since glasses, you know, help you see, but his reason for not wearing the glasses as a hitter might be odder than his decision not to wear them.

According to TBS reporter Craig Sager, the reason Kelly does not wear his glasses to hit is because he sees too well with them. When Kelly wears his glasses as a hitter, he picks up the spin on the ball, gets excited and anxious, and swings at everything. I guess that’s a bad thing for him.

You have players going out and getting LASIK eye surgery so they can see better at the plate. Joe Kelly? Guy is trying to see worse. Unreal.

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