Jonny Gomes Celebrates Over News of Adam Wainwright’s Elbow Injury

I know Jonny Gomes plays for the Reds who are competing in the NL Central with the rival Cardinals, but how about a little sportsmanship, huh? The hot-headed outfielder took the news of Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright’s elbow injury pretty happily, as we learned via With Leather. From the Dayton Daily News:

Jonny Gomes walked into the Cincinnati Reds spring training clubhouse early Wednesday morning singing at the top of his warbly voice.

The melody was not recognizable, but the words were plaintive: “Wainwright’s gone, Wainwright’s gone, Wainwright’s gone,” he sang joyously.

Sportsmanship at its very finest. Sure Wainwright’s injury would decimate the Cardinals and boost Cincinnati’s chances of repeating as NL Central champs, but true sportsmen want to see another team go down to defeat because of injury; you want to beat the opposing team’s best. But that’s Jonnny Gomes for you, the classic dugout top-stepper. I guess the good news is the NL Central is becoming even more intriguing than last year.

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  • Anonymous

    wouldn’t expect anything else from a classless organization!!! Him and queefo should be on broadway not in professional sports!!! I wonder if this POS will be suited up for the cards games, will give new meaning to “Blind Side”, high and tight, just like my fade!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nice. Last year their pitcher gave Jason Larue a concussion by kicking him in the head & ended his career. These guys just eek class.

  • Anonymous

    lmao….if i was johnny i’d be singing too, cause i wouldn’t have to bat against him. classy…no. funny….only if ur a reds fan. but i still see the cards being tough and in the thick of things at the end of the season. however as a reds fan i hope they finish in the cellar, trade everyone away, and start over. however it wasn’t very smart considering the bad blood between us now, with the brandon phillips comments, brawl and all. wouldn’t be supprized if the “classy” cardinals beams him his first at bat

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for Gomer’s 1st AB against the Cardinals. Like Shoeless Joe told Moonlight Graham in the movie, “Watch out for one in the ear.”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_INGECON4BSONG3TN52AWN3FEPY cmfreddog

    It is unfortunate that Bob Gibson couldn’t “come out of retirement” for one at bat against Gomes.