Jose Canseco says he believes Roger Clemens never took steroids

When it comes to people with knowledge of steroids and the way they were used across Major League Baseball, nobody beats Jose Canseco. Since he wrote his book “Juiced,” Jose has established a fairly solid track record of identifying those who cheated by using performance-enhancing drugs. With the Roger Clemens trial getting uglier by the day, it’s starting to look like The Rocket may never get caught, assuming he used steroids. According to Canseco, that is not an assumption we should be making.

“I ain’t no f***ing liar,” Canseco told CBS Boston when asked if he protected Clemens in his book. “I believe (Clemens). You have to understand this, everyone came to me for steroids and information back then, I was the man, period. He never brought it up that he ever wanted to use it, acquire it period. Roger to me was the straightest guy I’ve ever seen in my life, I never saw him cheat on his wife, I never saw him flirt, nothing.”

Canseco is seen by many as a traitor and a rat, which is why he says “Juiced” has ruined his life despite the fact that he was trying to fix what was wrong with baseball. However, his reason for believing Clemens doesn’t exactly make Clemens innocent. Just because Roger never consulted Canseco about using steroids or brought it up to him does not mean Clemens never touched them. That being said, I do believe Canseco when he says he did not protect Clemens in his book. Protecting Clemens would mean selling less copies, and we all know Jose has tremendous respect for the power of the dollar.

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  • Anonymous

    In the first sentence of the second paragraph, don’t you mean, “Canseco told CBS Boston…”, not Clemens?  If LBS needs a full-time editor, I’ll be glad to step up to the plate!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IMDEV6V6EMDGFWYNMMNQZTLUYI David B

    What?  But in the sequel to “Juiced,” Canseco claims he outed Clemens to Pedro Gomez, who promised it would be the lead story on Sportcenter, only to have the whole thing covered up by (Canseco suspected) by then president GW Bush.  Canseco wrote he was shocked when he tuned in to Sportscenter and there was no story.  Why is that not mentioned in this article.  Why is the sequel to “Juiced,” in which Canseco claims to have no regrets about the first book, not mentioned either?