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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Livan Hernandez showers ball boy with sunflower seeds after he boots ball (Video)

If you think Major League Baseball players are under a lot of pressure, trying being the ball boy or ball girl. These club employees have balls ripped at them just as hard — sometimes harder — than the players themselves and they still have to try and make the play. In ballparks where the bullpens are in the outfield, the ball boys and ball girls are under less pressure. As you can see from the video above, the job is probably even harder when they have the opposing team’s relievers breathing down your neck when a foul ball comes their way.

When the Rays ball boy was unable to come up with a fairly routine grounder during a game against the Braves on Sunday, Tampa’s Livan Hernandez decided to shower him in sunflower seeds. Nobody enjoys booting a grounder, but this poor fella had to deal with harassment from the opponent after his miscue. Hopefully the team pays him overtime after witnessing the sunflower shower. Yes, we know Hernandez was just messing around.

Thanks to SI Hot Clicks for pointing the video out

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