New York Times runs blank front sports page after Hall of Fame voting (Picture)


The fact that no players were elected to the baseball Hall of Fame on Wednesday has everyone buzzing, and the New York Times came up with the perfect way to encapsulate the hype. On the front page of the “Sports” section on Thursday morning, nothing was printed except a headline that read “Welcome to Cooperstown.”

Most people felt as though Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds had no business receiving any votes, while others believed players like Craig Biggio and Mike Piazza belong in the baseball Hall of Fame. It’s possible the voters were simply trying to make a point, but in any event the elite group that resides in Cooperstown is no larger today than it was at this time last year.

J.J. Watt may not agree with it, but neither he nor anyone else should be stunned by the results.

H/T SI Hot Clicks
Photo via Twitter/Kevin Negandhi

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  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.ortega.142 Steve Ortega

    On this HOF voting,I have a big problem with big headed B onds.If he did”nt have anything to hide why was his trainer,Anderson so eager to go to jail to cover for Bonds?What does he know that he would rather go to jail then to expose it?Is he or did he get a big kick-back for keeping his mouth shut?What would have happened if they had given him 10to 15 yrs in prison without parole if he did”nt spill the beans on Bond?Just asking because it sure smells like a cover-up.