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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Phillies C Wil Nieves is on Tinder and looking to ‘have a good time’

Wil Nieves Tinder

I hate to put a guy on blast when he’s just looking for some love, but this was too good to pass up.

Our friend Elika Sadeghi tweeted a screenshot of a Tinder profile she says she came across on Tuesday night, and it happened to belong to none other than Philadelphia Phillies catcher Wil Nieves.

Elika is based in Southern California, and the Phillies are in LA for a 4-game series Monday-Thursday, so Nieves showing up within Elika’s GPS range definitely makes sense. And it looks like Wil was on the dating/hookup app shortly after Tuesday’s 3-2 win.

It looks like Wil has four pictures on his profile, did not lie about his age (he’s 36) and that he is showing his family side by sharing a picture of him with one of his children.

In his about section, he advertises that he is Puerto Rican (just like he does on his Twitter profile) and says that he is “Just looking for friends and have a good time,” which is code for looking for hookups.

I’m not so sure how smart of a strategy it is to advertise you’re just here for “a good time,” but maybe it works for Wil. I would advise against it, but that’s just me.

This whole thing is pretty amusing. I mean when you think about an app like Tinder, you figure it’s mostly just average folks using it. You don’t expect to see famous or moderately famous people on it, but hey, if you’re always on the road and looking for hookups, it’s a tough app to beat.

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