Another Fan Runs on Field at Phillies Game: Taser Stays in Holdster

Okay, so apparently there are people out there who want to be Tasered.  When a fan ran on the field at Citizens Bank Park last night in Philadelphia, we were all a bit surprised to hear that security used a Taser to subdue him.  Another fan tried it just a few hours ago, one night after the Monday night incident.  There’s no possible way this guy wasn’t asking for it.  Unfortunately — or fortunately depending on your viewpoint — for him security kept the Taser in its holdster this time.  After reading the brief ESPN report, it actually seems like this fan chickened out a bit, as he reportedly gave himself up after being chased.  He had to have had last night’s incident on the brain before jumping out on the field — unless of course he was too hammered to realize what he was doing.

My guess is whether the guy gave himself up or ran around and avoided security for an hour, they weren’t going to zap him anyways.  Last night’s incident has created enough buzz (no pun intended) today, and I don’t think it would look too great from a PR perspective if the Phillies establish a reputation of using an electrical charge to subdue any fan who tries to run on the field at Citizens Bank Park.  I wonder if last night’s incident is going to come back to haunt them, and running onto the field in Philadelphia will become something fans do just to see what will happen to them.  Things like that can happen when alcohol is involved, so we shall see.

Another fan runs on Phillies’ field [ESPN]

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  • SpinMax

    This guy should have been tazed twice.
    The next guy 3 times and so on until the message gets through.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    A big part of the problem is glorifying the people who do this stuff because now everyone feels like they can have a few seconds of fame by doing it. This clown must not have been much of a Phillies fan because he screwed up Hamels’ concentration when he did it.

  • RoadWarrior

    Getting tazed is over-kill. Someone needs to do some serious rethinking about how to handle pranks. As an editorial in the Globe and Mail stated: ” …the weapon has to often become an alternative to common sense. The 50,000-volt stun gun was never support to be used as a mere convenience, as it was in … use was in keeping with Philadelphia protocol…squandering public’s trust and support”…..

    Philly – the city of brotherly love?