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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tim Lincecum loses 22 pounds by swimming, cuts back on fast food

Do Giants fans really want to hear that their star pitcher lost weight during the offseason? Tim Lincecum has always managed to throw smoke despite looking like he’s a meal away from emaciation. They don’t call him The Freak for no reason. However, Lincecum claims he is down to 175 pounds from 197 last season. If you want to believe that this dude weighed 197 pounds during any point in his Major League career, that’s your prerogative. The secret? Less fast food and some time swimming in an endless pool

“You take your first bite of a McDonald’s burger and it’s like ‘Why did I buy this?'” Lincecum told reporters over the weekend according to Big League Stew. “You feel instantly sick. That’s what ended up happening with all these places and why I started eliminating them. I take a bite and I’m like ‘I can’t even finish this.’ So I just started going for stuff that made me feel better. I’m not crushing vegetables by any means, but I’m definitely eating better.”

Big League Stew also pointed out that Lincecum answered questions while wearing a “Tacolicious” hat, which is a San Francisco restaurant that relies on local farmers for all of their ingredients.

What we have to point out is that Lincecum conveniently left out any discussion of In-N-Out burger. It’s possible that fast food is simply fast food to the Giants’ ace, but judging by the insane order he puts in at In-N-Out burger we have to guess that is (was?) one of his favorite spots. I suppose losing some weight is good if it means working out more and eating less junk.  That being said, Lincecum might want to consider hitting the weights so his arm doesn’t fall off.

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