Video: Brewers Celebrate Prince Fielder’s Walk-Off Home Run with Explosion

For those of you who like the Cavaliers’ clever pregame introductions comes this Brewers celebration. Milwaukee and San Francisco were tied at 1 until the bottom of the 12th. Facing Merkin Valdez, Prince Fielder hit and line drive home run to right field and circled the bases, preparing for the mob scene at home plate. Check out the video of the team’s planned celebration at home plate. It comes from a fan’s perspective:

That was pretty sweet — almost like Prince was hitting a power lever that blew his teammates out cartoon-style. No doubt it was planned. I guess you have to do something to keep your spirits up when you’ve been out of the race for over a month. Shaq would definitely be proud.

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  • Ken

    I can’t believe that a manager would would let his team get away with this sort of thing, especially when his team is 15 games out of first, and under .500. The Brewers should be practicing a little harder instead of preparing celebrations!

  • Ed

    hopefully Fielder will “get” what he deserves the next time he plays the giants — a giants fan

  • schmeknkman

    Bush league.

  • S.A.

    I’m not a Brewers fan, but grew up in Milwaukee, so I have always considered them my “2nd team.”

    As the first commenter said, for a team this far out of contention, this is widely inappropriate. There is no place in baseball for these kind of on field antics.

  • MR Q

    I absolutely think this is AWESOME. As a Cub fan for over 40 years I would take Prince Fielder on our team any day of the week. The Brew Crew was having FUN and what the heck is wrong with that?

  • Michael Barnes

    this was awesome i applawed any team that has fun its a team sport and supose to be fun. As for the crew not practiceing enough. Well the offence and defence was clicking the pitching staff sucked. They got a great pitching staff just need to get more together. So quit whining and have some fun