Yankees Beer Man Steve Lazarus Suspended for Joking with Red Sox Player

Yankees beer vendor Steve Lazarus is part of “the help,” and the team wants to remind him that a man in his role should not be consorting with the players. Lazarus was suspended for both playoff games the Yankees hosted this weekend after joking with an opposing player last weekend.

Lazarus told the New York Post he was hanging out with co-workers in between Sunday’s doubleheader when they heard the sound of cleats nearby. Lazarus noticed it was Red Sox reliever Alfredo Aceves, and decided to mess with him.

He walked over and playfully called out, “Hey, you got ID?”

Without missing a beat, Aceves grabbed his crotch and shot back, “I got your ID right here.”

Seems like a pretty harmless exchange, right? Apparently the Yankees brass didn’t think so. Lazarus was suspended the first two games of the ALDS for “harassing” an opposing team’s player.

I can understand why teams would not want its employees to distract or bother opposing players, but context is important when deciding punishments. Because Aceves took it well, and because Lazarus was just joking, he should have been gently reminded that the Yankees would prefer if he didn’t interact with opposing players. Come on Yankees, you’re better than that.

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  • Anonymous

    just had to brag about it huh? deserve what you get

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    He didn’t brag until after he got suspended

  • http://www.facebook.com/cleverwalker Rich Walker

    This is a perfect example of the little guy getting made an example of and class pecking order. If anyone else with money said this like Donald Trump, it would have been laughed off and that would be it!  The Yankees only suspended him because they knew he could do nothing about it.  Well they are wrong, kudos to the press for bringing us this outlandish story. SpinMax, read the story before commenting.  Go Beer Man Steve Lazarus.  I want to see your comedy now!