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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Allen Iverson reportedly interested in playing in China

After seeing what Stephon Marbury was able to accomplish last season playing in China, it is reasonable for Allen Iverson to believe that his career may not be over. Marbury (35) may be two years younger than A.I. (nearing 37), but if Starbury can dominate the Chinese Basketball Association and bring the Beijing Ducks their first ever championship, why can’t Iverson contribute?

According to ChinaDaily.com, Iverson has reportedly confirmed that he will speak with a few Chinese basketball teams about the possibility of joining them next season. A.I. has been in Shanghai since Thursday for a two-week promotional basketball tour along with Dennis Rodman, Shawn Kemp, and other NBA stars. They will face three CBA teams and play seven games during the tour.

A.I. is reportedly hoping to stay. If Marbury can win a championship and connect with the fans the way he has, there’s no reason to believe Iverson could not do the same. I mean think about it: if the people of China like Starbury so much that a statue is being built in his honor, you’d be silly to assume Iverson has no shot at rejuvenating his career.

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