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Monday, June 18, 2018

Boris Diaw has cappuccino machine in his locker

Boris Diaw

If any member of the San Antonio Spurs feels like he needs a jolt before a big game, he can always pay Boris Diaw a visit.

Diaw has become much more than just a role player for the Spurs this season. The man they call “Tea Time” because of his laid-back style literally doubles as a barista. According to Spurs reporter Jeff McDonald, Diaw has a working espresso machine in his locker. And he’s clearly willing to share, because the set is complete with three little cappuccino cups and saucers.

Unfortunately, no photography is allowed in San Antonio’s locker room. But the machine is definitely there.

When asked if having an expresso machine in his locker is typical of Diaw’s antics, veteran guard Manu Ginobili couldn’t help but laugh.

“With Boris, it is hard to tell,” he said. “There are so many.”

We would expect nothing less from the guy who once crashed a bachelorette party by swimming over to a boat. In many ways, Diaw is on his own planet.

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