Carmelo Anthony: I Take My Hat Off to Myself for Dealing With All This Stuff

It was only a matter of time.  With all the trade rumors swirling and fans chanting Carmelo Anthony’s name in desperation that their team makes a push to acquire the all-star, he was bound to turn d-bag on us.  When 17-player deals and defending NBA champions are involved, that tends to happen.

What Anthony has been able to do despite the distraction is certainly impressive.  He has averaged over 40 points per game over his last three, so obviously his head has somehow remained in the right place.  However, people in America tend to look down on those who pat themselves on the back.  You’re supposed to let other people do that for you, hence why we don’t like when certain people offer to “take their talents” certain places.

“I think it takes a strong-willed person, a strong-minded person, to deal with the stuff that I deal with and still go out there and go to work every day and perform on a nightly basis,” the Denver forward said about the trade rumors via NBA Fanhouse. “I take my hat off to myself for dealing with all this stuff that’s going on and still be able to go out there and play at the high level that I can play at. I really don’t think an average person can walk in my shoes. I don’t think that.”

What a modest guy.  All that stuff Anthony said is true, but it just doesn’t sound right when you say it about yourself.  That is precisely the reason LeBron has become one of the most hated athletes in America — he states the obvious about himself and people don’t like that.  Congratulations, Carmelo — you’re now a member of one of the most prestigious clubs in professional sports.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YS36B5HLJ2UA3NKUDCR4O46VPY Sal

    What Distractions? all The Attention You Get About Who Will Give You The Most Money. you Love This Because You Controll The Whole Situation ,
    Good Luck Lebron jr

  • Anonymous

    I thought the same thing Sal did: Let’s see if I had to walk in his shoes, I would feel supremely confident because I am controlling the whole thing, I am going to go to the team I want and probably make the money I want. Geez that must be REALLY stressfull right? and then to have to go out an play like that? I don’t know how he does it…”don’t think an average person can walk in my shoes”? Are you freakin kidding me? Lemme try them on….

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Ernest-Hatton/652543123 Daniel Ernest Hatton

    OMG Carmelo is a DOUCHE! still a good player,not like i dont want him on the knicks lol

  • Anonymous

    old saying………pride comes before a fall