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Monday, June 18, 2018

Don’t Mess with Chris Birdman Andersen’s Stat Line, He’s Keeping Count

It seems like every time the Nuggets have a prime-time TNT Thursday night game Chris Andersen goes off. Thursday night against the Jazz was no exception. The Birdman had eight blocks in the game, solidifying his standing as one of the top shot blockers in the league (he’s second to only Dwight Howard). But the Birdman channeled his inner Orlando Cabrera, who once called up to the official scorekeeper during a game to complain about being charged for an error, when he was interviewed after the ballgame. Check it out:

“Let me correct you right there, that’s seven points.” As if that wasn’t enough, towards the end he made mention of Carmelo Anthony doing a good job of “Padding his stats.” The Birdman was so concerned with his stat line that he even asked the official scorer how many blocks he had in the game at one point when he was walking to the Nuggets’ bench. Normally I would say a player shouldn’t be too concerned with any stat other than wins or losses, but if this is what keeps him motivated then I guess it’s cool. Sorta.

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