Chris Birdman Andersen Went a Bit Overboard on the Neck Tattoo (Pictures)

It feels like we’ve been down this road so many times before so I really don’t even know why I’m bothering, but this must be addressed. Nuggets icon Chris Birdman Andersen is already well known for his wild hairstyles and crazy tattoos, but now he’s just taken things to a whole new level. Last year we saw the outline for a neck tattoo reading “Free Bird,” and apparently he spent the off-season filling it in. I don’t know what the proper term is for a filled in neck tattoo — neck sleeve, turtleneck — whatever it is, Andersen has it. He also added on to all his other tats and it doesn’t look like there’s an ink-free inch on his exposed skin.

Thanks to The Big Lead for the pics via SI Hot Clicks.

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  • Anonymous

    That is disgusting, wonder what his mother thinks about all his tattoos?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Probably not a whole lot. I think he actually got a tattoo with his grandmother once, if I’m not mistaken.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GSUZUHQ67U5VUUTSVC43W5YJFU Theodore Rdesinski jr


  • Anonymous

    I think it looks cool, and I for one am glad the NBA allows this form of individualism. I say these things, even though I personally do not have any tats, but respect this country and the freedoms that come with it.

  • Anonymous

    Why do people care about others bodies smh.