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Friday, June 22, 2018

Chris Paul Collision Video Looked Worse than it Was

The New Orleans Hornets were wearing their Mardi Gras jerseys on Sunday against the Cavaliers but it wasn’t a party for star point guard Chris Paul. Midway through the third quarter CP3 was penetrating when he lost a handle on the ball and collided with Ramon Sessions trying to get it back. It was a nasty collision that looked awful, and it resulted in Paul getting carted off. Here’s the Chris Paul collision video:

Though Paul was carted off the court, he gave the thumbs up sign almost to indicate too big of a production was being made of his collision. Tests came back negative and Paul even flew out with his team to Chicago though he’ll miss the next game. He was diagnosed with a concussion and those can be tricky. It’s been enough to keep Sidney Crosby out for two months in Pittsburgh and enough to keep Justin Morneau out half a year for the Twins. Let’s hope Paul makes a quicker comeback than some other athletes do from concussions.

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