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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Dwight Howard Mocks LeBron James, Vince Carter on Twitter

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard has been spending his time this offseason traveling around the world and more recently, goofing around on twitter. When he’s not busy dancing the Haka with the New Zealand rugby team or entering planking competitions with Gilbert Arenas, he’s cracking on LeBron James and Vince Carter on twitter.

As NBA Offseason pointed out, Howard replied to a person on twitter by ripping LeBron’s hairline:

As if ripping on LeBron’s hairline (something not uncommon around NBA circles) wasn’t enough, he then mocked Vince Carter by posting this picture along with the accompanying message “Vince carte planking lol”

You might recall that this is the third time Dwight has publicly mocked LeBron James this season. In December he mocked the chalk toss, and then a few months later he made fun of the photo-taking intro. He also clowned on Derek Anderson for his Monday Night Football meltdown.

For someone who enjoys having fun at other people’s expense, Dwight shouldn’t complain when other people call him out the way he does. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.

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