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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Gabrielle Union says she puts Richard Sherman’s trash talk to shame

Gabrielle-Union-trash-talkWhether you were a fan of Richard Sherman’s tirade against Michael Crabtree after the NFC Championship Game or not, most of us can agree that the Seattle Seahawks cornerback is one of the best trash talkers in sports. Apparently Dwyane Wade deals with worse at home from his fiancee Gabrielle Union.

Union appeared on “Conan” this week and spoke to Conan O’Brien about her tendency to talk trash when she attends Miami Heat games.

“I make Richard Sherman seem like a Zen Buddhist,” she explained. “Dwyane is not even immune (to) my trash talk. If he’s slacking (does her best Mr. T impression), I refer to him as ‘3.’ He doesn’t have a name, he’s just ‘3.’ I become Richard Sherman. It’s awful. I just lose my mind.”

Union said she also directs some of her enthusiasm at Heat opponents. There was that one time she threatened to shun Los Angeles Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan on social media.

“Blake Griffin had hard fouled Dwyane and I thought it was uncalled for and (Jordan) was trying to back up Blake Griffin,” Union recalled. “So I said, ‘That’s a terrible foul, DeAndre! I will unfollow you!'”

And that, my friends, is a threat that only the new generation could appreciate. Wade and Union are reportedly working through their relationship issues, but I can only imagine what she said to him when she found out he had a child with another woman. Maybe it went something like this:

“Come on 3! Can’t you keep that thing in your pants, 3?!”

Yeah, probably not.

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