Gregg Popovich Basically Says Other Cultures are Way Better Than American

Gregg Popovich has some advice for Ricky Rubio and any other international players who are looking to adjust to life in America: don’t do it.  When superstars from overseas come to America to play in the NBA, one of the topics we always love to beat into the ground is whether or not they’ll be able to adjust to a new lifestyle.  According to Popovich, they shouldn’t even try to make the adjustment.

“These guys, they travel around the world,” Popovich said after the Timberwolves beat the Spurs on Monday according to the Star Tribune. “They’re more cultured than we are. Everyone acts like Americans are the ones … we have sort of an arrogance about us. Like we’re the cultured ones? Are you serious? Have you watched TV lately? Have you seen what Americans do? How many languages do you speak? And you wonder how they’re going to adjust to our culture? I hope they avoid it and keep their own!”

Well played, Pop.  That is some serious advice from a veteran NBA coach who has won multiple championships.  Forget about trying to do the Dougie and ignore those folks at the airport giving you the rock star treatment. Pay no attention to the grueling NBA schedule.

As far as Minnesota fans are concerned, Rubio has been adjusting fairly well.  He has been particularly good late in games and seems like a natural fit with the T-Wolves.  Maybe he has already taken Pop’s advice.

Chest bump to Pro Basketball Talk for the quote

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with Popovich did you read what the man said. As Americans we are so stupid the things we allow to be aired on television is an insult to intelligence. Our children are in a state of confusion. Don’t try to fit into this choas. To allow some porn star and her family to humilate you no thanks. The things that are valued in the United States is an ashame to mankind. Laugh and make fun of a man like Tebow. America is on its way to a burning HELL!! Laugh now but GOD will not be mocked. We will reap what we sow. All the hate for one another will come back to bite us in the behind. The lust, greed and lasciviousness has taken over this country. No the best thing you can do is NOT try to fit in here. Maintain your morals, values and integerity 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrea-Cavalli/757338131 Andrea Cavalli

    I’m sorry to say that as an Italian, wywoman, but it’s not things are going much better over here in Europe…the same crap you guys have on TV is the same we have: big brother, gossip, dumb girls, dumb politicians, total chaos etc.

    Rest assured the neigbours’ green is not always greener.