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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Jason Kidd Calls in Sick to Work

I guess there’s some sort of clause in his contract that gives him sick days. In case you missed it, the news of the night was that the Knicks actually won a game. When you look a little deeper, you see it’s because the Nets were without their best player, Jason Kidd. Where was Kidd you ask? Well, the Walking Triple Double called coach Lawrence Frank around 2pm to say he had migraines, and then failed to show up for his team’s game.

Maybe it was the contract extension he sought and did not receive. Maybe it is the general state of the team, which fell back below .500. Maybe it is a desire for a trade. Whatever the reason, the apparent protest by Kidd to show his value to the team came against the division rival Knicks.

“He’s on strike,” one team source said.

“Everyone is going to have to sit down and figure out where we go from here,” one source claimed.

I’m not so much concerned about Jason Kidd here, as I am about the misfortune of the Knicks winning. Why couldn’t he have picked any other opponent? Why did it have to be the Knicks? And another thing. Much as I like you Jason, what the heck is up with this revolt? I guess he can flex his muscles wherever he pleases, and wind up with the upper hand. It’s pretty clear that the Nets need him more than he needs them (until they stop signing his checks).

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