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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Jeremy Lin’s agent Roger Montgomery forced to expand business

The Knicks aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits from the Jeremy Lin hype. In a recent interview on SportsBiz Game On, Lin’s agent Roger Montgomery discussed how his business has changed for the better thanks to his client’s new-found stardom.

“With this and the way it’s transpiring, I’m definitely going to have to grow,” Montgomery said. “I, already before this, had been looking at ways to build a better infrastructure. I think our infrastructure is good, but I want to build a better infrastructure. With Jeremy, I know I’m going to have to have things in place that I can put my hands on that I didn’t have before. So whether that’s in house or whether that’s a consultant, it’s something we’re going to look at doing.

“As far as our company is concerned about now, they’ve been talking about MSG and how stocks have been boosting, it’s the same thing about Montgomery Sports Group. We’re going to be looking at opportunities, we’re going to be reviewing those things, and I’m definitely over the next few weeks going to be ramping up interviews and things like that to figure out where we want to go.”

Montgomery pretty much won the lottery when Lin’s popularity shot through the Garden’s roof. Brands want Lin’s name (for better and worse). Women want to be with him. It’s only wise for Montgomery to strike while the iron is hot. Who knows how much longer Linsanity will have the spotlight? Thursday night’s eight-point, eight-turnover game against the Heat reminds us Lin is mortal after all.

If you’re interested in watching the entire interview, here’s video via Pro Basketball Talk. The part above comes around the two-minute mark:

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