Joakim Noah angry at Tony Snell over chest bump snub (Video)

Joakim Noah Tony SnellAll Joakim Noah wanted was a little chest bump from his teammate after scoring a big bucket in the fourth quarter of the Chicago Bulls’ win over the Dallas Mavericks on Friday night. All he got was a lame response.

Noah went up for the chest bump as he was heading off the court following a layup in the final minute, and rookie Tony Snell gave him nothing in return. Noah was clearly ticked off, because he shot the rookie a couple of nasty “SMH” glances.

Come on, Snell. You don’t want to ruin Noah’s flow when he’s feeling it.

And now here’s one from LBS. This song goes out to Snell from Joakim:

Video via Beyond the Buzzer

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  • Jim Bob

    Noah needs to learn something from Tony Snell. 6 11” NBA players need to watch the chest bumping-especially on a team that is challenged to play all their minutes due to injuries.