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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Kevin Durant’s grandmother wants him to stop cussing

Kevin Durant has exhibited some uncharacteristically saucy behavior on the court recently, and his grandmother wants him to start watching himself. Particularly, she wants him to curb all his cussing.

How do we know that? On his Instagram account, Durant shared a screenshot of a text message exchange he had with his grandma

kevin durant grandma

“Kev kev stop cussing so much they be showing u when u do,” she wrote him.

Durant apologizes as you can see, but he didn’t make any promises about the future.

Less than two weeks ago, Durant earned his first career ejection after cussing at an official following a disagreement about a foul call. Two games later, he was called for another technical foul. He made a joke and blamed Kendrick Perkins’ influence for his behavior.

We’ll see if the words from his grandmother inspire a change. As we know, little can reach a person more than when a grandparent is disappointed with them. Maybe Durant’s grandmother will have more luck changing her grandson than Tony Dungy had changing Rex Ryan.

Photo credit: Instagram/Kevin Durant
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