Kobe Bryant steals ball then dunks on Chris Paul (Video)

kobe dunks on chris paulKobe Bryant may have said the Los Angeles Lakers were “old as s—,” but his 34-year-old body isn’t preventing him from making athletic plays. The Black Mamba stole a pass from Chris Paul and then dunked on the Clippers point guard to make a statement early in Friday’s game at Staples Center.

We see dominant plays like that on a fairly regular basis, but when you consider that Kobe is in his 17th season in the league, that sort of athleticism is impressive.

Guess those knee doctors in Germany sure know what they’re doing, huh?

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  • Gene

    Where is the video of Chris Paul as he squares up and hits a jumper over Kobe to cement the win?  Clippers 107,  Lakers 102.  Scoreboard, baby!

  • majesticblue

    Wait until CP is 34 years old and dunk over two defenders THEN you can speak…  Loser.