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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Mark Cuban Asked to Leave Dyckman Park Because of Lockout Rules

Dyckman Park has been one of the hot spots during the NBA lockout. Players have been going there (and Rucker Park) to keep their skills sharp. Jimmer Fredette’s brother rapped at halftime of a recent game, and Michael Beasley got into a fight with a fan there last week. Mark Cuban is never one to miss out on a party so he headed over to NYC to check out the park scene. It didn’t last long.

Cuban reportedly had to leave after a few minutes because NBA lockout rules prevent contact between players and owners.

“I love anywhere where there’s basketball. Anywhere where there’s people coming out and having fun is always a good thing, man,” Cuban reportedly said as he exited the park.

It’s too bad that Cuban couldn’t stick around especially after making his way out there. The owners may be locking the players out and prevented from having contact, but that’s not Cuban’s style. Money isn’t an object for him the way it is for other struggling owners. He should be allowed to have his fun.

Photo Credit: rubinpolizzi.com

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