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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Paul Silas: Michael Jordan Could Average 20 Points in the NBA

Everybody is getting all crazy over a potential return by Michael Jordan to the NBA. Want to know what sparked it? MJ dressing up to run with the Charlotte Bobcats during practice because they were a man short in a scrimmage. And according to Stephen Jackson, Jordan played well.

Sure Jordan’s been shooting around with the team more often and spending time with the team but it makes sense — he’s their owner. Why wouldn’t he want to help them out while also keeping himself in-shape and fluffing his ego? But apparently Jordan’s sweet J is still there, and it’s good enough to prompt Bobcats coach Paul Silas to say that His Airness could still be an effective player.

As The Basketball Jones pointed out, Silas told ESPN 1000’s Waddle & Silvy Show that Jordan, as long as he got in shape, “could probably average about 15 to 20 points a game, no question, because he still has the shot.” Silas said “He would probably average 20 because he can get the shot off, he can make them, and he has just an uncanny knowledge of the game.”

People are going all giddy about Silas’ pronouncement because they’re so desperate to see MJ back in the league to generate media and fan excitement. Don’t get me wrong — I’d love to see MJ back — but he’s nearing 48 and I think it would be more of a spectacle than it would be a move that actually benefited a team. Then again, if Silas says he could still average 20, I could think of a few teams who could use the help …

Photo Credit: Matt Rochinski / bobcats.com

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