Penny Hardaway Considering a Comeback?

Talk about chasing a cheap ring. Penny Hardaway is considering a second comeback to the NBA to play for the team he was last with, the Miami Heat. Hardaway said he’s reached out to Pat Riley, who hasn’t gotten back to him yet because the Heat have a lot of names they’re dealing with at the moment. No, really? I bet most of those “names” they’re considering aren’t players who are 39 years old and haven’t played a full season in almost ten years, either. Check out the video of Penny Hardaway talking about returning to the NBA to play for the Heat, courtesy of My Fox Memphis:

During his last stint with the Heat in 2007, Penny averaged 3.8 points and 20.3 minutes per game before being released. According to Rotoworld, he’s been “tearing it up in rec leagues in Miami.” I think rec leagues is the important thing to remember here. I really don’t see the Heat wasting a penny on him (no pun intended), especially given their current cap restraints. I suppose a washed-up athlete can dream though.

Hardaway Interested in Miami Heat [My Fox Memphis]
Anfernee Hardaway: Penny Hardaway talking about return to NBA [Rotoworld]

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  • Joe Kumpf

    He is tearing up what league?

    6 foot and under?

    He is way past his prime, he must be broke and need money!

    He was a marginal player, nothing special!

  • Josh

    This guy deserves one more shot. That’s all i will say.

  • Joe Kumpf

    I have to say the way the heat are playing it now might be time to dig Penny up and let him play!