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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sean Rooks Is Reffing a Local Rec League

If the NBPA and League owners can’t figure out a labor settlement by the end of June, there will be a lockout. Because of this inevitability, the NBPA has urged players to save their money and plan for the worst. They’ve even suggested players consider getting a second job.

Some players may be making plans to play overseas, like Ron Artest.  FIBA rules aside, most players won’t land themselves a cash-rich Euro contract.  So if these players are really desperate for work, maybe they should call up former NBA player Sean Rooks to see if he’s got any job openings.

What’s Sean doing for a living these days? Reffing my local rec league. Yes, you read that correctly. I was just as shocked when my friend sent me this picture of Rooks working a rec league game at Birmingham High School in Los Angeles, CA. For the record, he was a pretty good ref, besides, no one was going to argue with his calls; aside from playing in the NBA, the man stands 6’10” tall.

Sean Rooks has played 12 NBA seasons and has collected over $17 million dollars in salaries. Yet here he is, the tallest man on the court, reffing a few games a day over the summer. Not sure if he needs the extra cash, the extra exercise, or if he just misses being around the game. Either way, get ready to see a lot more of this from current NBA players who don’t have the financial ability to just vacation during the lockout.

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