Staples Center schedule will be packed with Lakers, Clippers, Kings all in playoffs

The following week will be one of the most exciting for the LA-area since the Lakers, Clippers, and Kings began playing at Staples Center in 1999. All three teams are in advanced rounds of the playoffs and all three are the road teams in their respective series. The Clippers face the Spurs in the Western Conference semifinals, and the Lakers take on the Thunder in the other semifinal. The Kings are the road team in their Western Conference finals series against the Coyotes. The busy times prompted conversations with my father and uncle about the matter, and we wondered how Staples Center would organize things with events on the same day.

Below is a look at the Staples Center schedule for the next week and a half. There will be double-headers each day next weekend, including an ice-to-hardwood conversion on Sunday.

Thursday May 17:
Game 3 Kings-Coyotes 6:00pm PT

Friday May 18:
Game 3 Lakers-Thunder 7:30pm PT

Saturday May 19:
Game 3 Clippers-Spurs 12:30pm PT
Game 4 Lakers-Thunder 7:30pm PT

Sunday May 20:
Game 4 Kings-Coyotes 12:00pm PT
Game 4 Clippers-Spurs 7:30pm PT

The if-needed Game 6 for each series will be on different days.

Wednesday May 23:
Game 6 Lakers-Thunder

Thursday May 24:
Game 6 Kings-Coyotes 6:00pm PT

Friday May 25:
Game 6 Clippers-Spurs

It would be just as much fun if the Lakers and Clippers meet in the Western Conference Finals at the same time the Kings are in the Stanley Cup Finals. Sadly for LA, I think both basketball teams will be eliminated.

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  • Joel Shiffman

    What happens if the Kings game on Sunday afternoon goes 3 or 4 overtimes?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    The crew would have to do a heck of a job with the conversion in that case!

  • Gene

    Note that the Lakers and Clippers both have to play back to back, which is almost unheard of in an NBA playoff series.

  • Anonymous

    Going from a noon game in one sport into a night game in another is a nightmare. You can’t have anything go wrong. This is an all hands on duty type situation, they will have a small army. The only bright spot is it’s easier to go from hockey to basketball than it is to go from bball into hockey.