Steve Nash seems frustrated with Dwight Howard and his lack of production

Steve-Nash-Dwight-HowardSteve Nash played through a number of frustrating seasons with the Phoenix Suns, but he rarely ever said much about it. Nash has always been one of the more quiet players in the league, so when he says something that can be construed as a complaint about a teammate it’s fairly notable.

Nash and Dwight Howard, the Los Angeles Lakers’ two biggest offseason acquisitions, have not been able to build any type of chemistry this season. Both have battled injuries which hasn’t helped their growth, but the frustration is obvious. Nash confirmed that it exists over the weekend.

“We’d like to get him in the pick and roll more,” Nash said Sunday, via the Orange County Register. “I think that’s how he was really good in Orlando. He’d pick and he’d dive and they’d swing and put it in to him, so he could get deeper catches and the help side has a more difficult time coming to him.

“I don’t know. It’s been difficult really to get him into that game – running into pick and rolls, diving hard, looking for the ball. We really haven’t found that rhythm from him yet.”

As the OCR’s Kevin Ding pointed out, the fact that Nash said “from him” is noteworthy. Rather than saying he and Howard simply haven’t been able to find a rhythm together, Nash seemed to intentionally pin the blame on his teammate — something he has probably never done during the course of his 16-year career.

Nash’s comments came after the Lakers lost to the Miami Heat on Sunday. During the third quarter of that game, Nash and Howard got a bit animated with one another after Nash became trapped in the corner and he felt as though Howard did not make an attempt to help him out. Instead, Dwight just hollered for the ball. Here’s a video of the play:

Sensing a pattern at all? Whether it’s Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley, or Stan Van Gundy, there is no shortage of people who feel as though Howard has not been giving it his all. It’s possible that people are underestimating how much pain he has been in with his right shoulder injured, but that hasn’t stopped the public criticism. When Nash contributes to it, you know something must be up.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/lindaleu.hicks LindaLeu Hicks


  • cdresearch

    And Howard, as purportedly the best 7 footer in the game, can’t even manage to roll inside and finish without getting stripped repeatedly. And when he does get fouled, he can’t make a free throw to save his life. Howard is worthless offensively on this team, and on top of that, he’s got a bad attitude. He should be traded now before things get any worse.

  • Bugster

    Howard fault on that play.  What’s with the raising the hand how is Nash going to throw it up there when he’s trap.  If he had move his body he would caught the ball and dunk it.  I think the Lakers should trade Howard for Lopez and whatever picks you can steal off the Nets. 


    Are you blind or just acting blind, such as the three blind mice, running up and down the court and eating cheese… The ball was blatantly kicked by Chalmers… Why are the Heat and Lebron allowed to get away with so much *&^%$#@? 


    The pass from Nash was intentionally and forcefully kicked by Chalmers and the three (acting) blind mice swallowed their cheese… The Heat, along with that well known ‘Charmed’ player, are clearly getting preferential treatment from this corrupted NBA… National (BS) Association

  • Bugster

    Howard still needs to move, he has to come get the ball what is raising the hand going to do? Nash is not blind he see him right away. He’s 7 feet, you think Nash can’t see him.   He just can’t get the ball to him without worrying about it being stolen.  That is a dangerous pass.  They teach this in High School basketball.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1211356454 Alex Mejia

    Isn’t Howard injured?  Pretty immoral and sneaky article “Mr Writer” ; most likely a spin on what Nash really meant. This is not to suggest that blame should not be dished out. But, I would dare start with Dantoni then Kobe, after all these are your team leaders. 1 for 8 against the Suns and a coach playing a very injured future superstar of LA. Tell me again when did LA become a struggling team; recently?! Nope, I don’t think so. They have struggled for quite some time now.
     I predict a very tough team to beat when Kobe exists and team ball becomes their philosophy. Until then , lets all try to ignore the drama of the Lakers. After all, there are teams playing actual and killer ball out there i.e. Spurs, Clippers, Heat(did you see the Portland game? damn!) Thunder. Celtics. Just my two cents.

  • http://www.facebook.com/donald.wyatt3 Donald Wyatt

    If howard had moved right, towards the base line, Nash would have been able to get off a pass to Howard. Howard in turn would have been in a postion to got to the hoop, either for a dunk or short shot off the glass if the defense turned to challenge him. It would have been a beautiful play.