Vin Scully Rips Denver Nuggets for all the Tattoos

Longtime Dodgers broadcaster and franchise icon, Vin Scully, is well respected for his ability to call a game and tell stories. He’s usually known to discuss most issues in a positive light but he’s brought down the hammer of truth for certain occasions. On Monday night when the Dodgers lost to the Diamondbacks 3-2, Scully shared with the audience some thoughts of disgust. Vin was describing the tattoos of Arizona utility man Ryan Roberts who was at-bat when he got in this blast:

“Did you see as many tattooed people outside of the circus with that Denver basketball team? They must not have a drop of ink in Colorado.”

Damn Vin, tell us how you really feel. Seriously, between Chris Andersen, J.R. Smith, Kenyon Martin, Carmelo Anthony, and Anthony Carter, it’s hard not to look at the Nuggets and be immediately struck by the preponderance of body ink. Aside from the national TV ratings generated by the Lakers, the tats have to be another reason David Stern is counting his lucky stars the Lakers advanced. I’ll say this much: I had no idea Scully would even be watching any Western Conference playoff basketball. Guess he has some time on his hands during those road trips.

Photo Credit: Jersey Chaser

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  • SpinMax

    Right on Vin! Well said and smart not to use the word ‘thug’ which would draw a backlash. Tats are just stupid imho

  • Gene

    Go Vin! “Old school” is still the best school. I would love to see what all those tattoos look like in twenty or thirty years.

  • Michelle

    Vinny is the best ever.

  • Max

    Meh, doesn’t really seem like a “rip” to me. He’s just trying to make a joke that they have a lot of tats. They do have a lot of tats.

    And of course he has time to watch the NBA playoffs, why wouldn’t he? Its not like being an announcer requires you to work 16 hours a day. I’m sure he has as much time as you or I do to sit down and catch highlights of the game.

  • Jeff J

    Vin is, and always will be the best announcer in sports (chicky baby is a CLOSE second). I’ve never heard one guy know so much about every player on both teams playing.

  • Tracy

    Sounds more like a bemused observation than a rip.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    You would have had to hear it to understand that he was ripping them. It really didn’t belong in the context of the game but he made a special point to mention it. As far as him not having time to watch, he’s busy calling baseball games every single night. When’s he supposed to watch the NBA? They play at the same time.