Floyd Mayweather, Amir Khan likely to fight May 3

Amir Khan Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Amir Khan are likely going to fight on May 3, and the official announcement could be made next week.

Khan has been reported to be Mayweather’s next opponent since October, but his team denied the rumors at the time. Khan pulled out of a Dec. 7 bout with Devon Alexander (he was replaced by Shawn Porter) which made it pretty obvious he was in line to fight Floyd.

Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated interviewed Khan this week about the potential fight with Floyd. Mannix tweeted the following:

BoxRec.com has also listed Mayweather’s next fight as May 3 in Las Vegas against Khan. Oddly, BoxRec removed that from his profile page late Wednesday night. They had stated the fight was subject to commission approval:

Floyd Mayweather BoxRec

The Star in the UK also reported that the fight is agreed upon but just minor details need to be worked out.

In his interview with Mannix, Khan said he believes he’ll present a type of challenge to Floyd that Canelo Alvarez and Robert Guerrero didn’t. He plans to try boxing with Floyd rather than knocking him out.

Where have we heard that story before?

Every opponent thinks they can beat Floyd. Guerrero said he was going to pull a Buster Douglas. Canelo said he had a blueprint from Oscar De La Hoya on how to beat Floyd. And now Khan says he can do it too.

I used to think Khan was an excellent talent and someone who could become a threat in the welterweight division. He had incredible speed, quickness, and pretty good knockout power. But then he lost back-to-back fights to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia, and it looked like he was just another guy. Now that he has switched trainers, he looks much better. I don’t think he’ll beat Floyd, but his speed will present a challenge. And if he plans to box Floyd, you can guarantee it will be another boring 12-round fight.

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  • smedrano0206

    Finally, someone Mayweather can KO….his opponents just get worse and worse

  • brianmayweather7

    worse how? he boxed a young tough mexican fighter in canelo who is strong powerfull and was heaver mayweather outclassed him. mayweather will beat khan hes just another opponent who wont shoutup about hes the 2 to do it but the reallity is he just wants a big pay day

  • smedrano0206

    You’re kind of agreeing me without knowing it….Canelo is a young
    strong tough fighter but he doesn’t have one punch KO power, he doesn’t
    throw alot of punches and more importantly he is slow. Anyone that know
    anything about boxing knew Canelo had 0 chance of winning…even one
    round. And even though Canelo lost to Mayweather, he would have Kahn
    out in a few rounds so in my opinion, the competition is getting worse.
    If Kahn is getting the fight because he’s running his mouth, then
    Pacman should get a shot for wanting to fight him, too.