Floyd Mayweather Jr. rocks a Cosby sweater at All-Star Weekend (Picture)

NBA All-Star Weekend is always the place to be, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. made sure he wasn’t missing out. The boxer was in attendance for the Three-Point Contest in Orlando along with buddy 50 Cent. But it’s not Floyd’s presence that was noteworthy so much as his outfit. Dude was rocking a Cosby sweater.

Floyd and 50 were iced out as usual, flossing all their expensive jewelry. But a Cosby sweater? Is that really what’s in these days, Floyd? Guess he has to get all his outlandish tastes out of the way before he’s limited to an orange jumpsuit everyday.

Picture via NBA

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  • Brendon Bowen

    its called a coogi sweater clown, cost like 600 Duckets, cheese dick

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Damn, guess it costs a lot to look like an ’80s Bill Cosby these days. You think the cost makes it cool?