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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says Oscar De La Hoya has No Personality

The Golden Boy — known for his charm, looks, and personality — was called out by Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Jr. in PBF’s most recent conference call leading up to their May 5th bout (it’s only nine days away!). When asked if he had seen the “24/7” special that’s been running recently to promote the fight, here was Floyd’s response:

Oh, yes, I watched them. I checked them out. It was cool, it was funny. It really – it was really exciting, it’s just that his was a little boring. His was a little boring and mine a little bit – you know mine – as I said before, my life is – my life is about excitement. I’m happy. I’m happy and it’s me, man. I’m going to tell the truth, I’m not going to bite my tongue for nothing, like I always said, only God can judge me.

He’s dry. There’s no personality.

Well how about that. I have known Oscar to be many things, namely tough, courageous, charismatic, amiable, but never, never, never boring. Man, looks like Pretty Boy’s bringing out all the stops with this one.

I also thought it was quite notable that PBF said Oscar lost to Pernell Whitaker — a sentiment with which I’ve agreed since the night Pernell got robbed. I think PBF is stretching it however when he suggested that Ike Quartey also beat Oscar (which many people believe), and that Oscar really beat Trinidad (not even close).

Anywhoo, I know boxing has fallen off most people’s radar, but not mine. Expect plenty more coverage throughout next week as we lead up to Cinco de Mayo.

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