Paulie Malignaggi: Ringside Judge from Texas F***ed Me in Juan Diaz Fight

paulie-malignaggiLet me first say that I did not get to watch Paul Malignaggi’s fight with Juan Diaz over the weekend. If I had, I would have seen what was apparently a pretty close fight. Well, a pretty close fight in the eyes of everyone except Gale Van Hoy, one of the judges sitting ringside. Hoy had the fight 118-110 in favor of Diaz, while the other two judges had the Malignaggi losing the fight by much closer margins of 115-113 and 116-112. Hoy had it 10 rounds to 2 and Paulie, as relayed by Deadspin, has an idea why:

“I’ve been watching boxing a long time and you don’t see too many good decisions in Texas with out of towners against Texas fighters. I don’t know who to blame. I put my two cents in before. I didn’t want Gale Van Hoy and I didn’t want Raul Caiz.

118-110 was Gale Van Hoy d*cking it to me. He bent me over and he f*cked me. I said before the fight that this guy never goes against a Texas fighter in the state of Texas. I complained about him and he did it to me on purpose. There is no way that anybody won that fight 118-110. I didn’t beat Juan 118-110 and Juan didn’t beat me 118-110. Gale Van Hoy filled out his score card and said ‘let me f**k Paulie Malignaggi because he talked s**t.”

Malignaggi went on to say that this is why boxing has no popularity left. It’s actually a similar reason why I got turned off of boxing about three years ago. I went to a small-level card in central California (Arreola and Paul Williams were on it) and watched every decision go in favor of the fighters for the guys promoting the card. It’s hard to watch something where judges are paid off or holding personally biases. We see it all the time. I’m guessing Paulie was on the mark. The only difference is it would have been a unanimous decision regardless and he would have been on the losing end no matter what.

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  • Carlos Rivera

    I am from Puerto Rico and saw Paul Malignaggi wan the fight to Juan Dias easily.
    Oscar de la Hoya should be ashamed of promoting a fight and have judges in it not being fair and
    giving him and his company a bad name.

  • Gene

    Some things about boxing never change. It was corrupt in the 1950’s, and it is corrupt now.

    One of the things that could help would be to disclose the officials’ scorecards after every round. That might embarrass some of them and would also give a fighter a clue about where he stands. Remember that trivia question answer: boxing is the only sport where the participants have no idea of the score until the contest has ended.

  • Darius Maxwell

    I heard all the pre fight talked about the judges and Paulie’s, concerned I watched the fight and it was a close fight I think Paulie, won the fight and for the judges not to have a split decision on all for Paulie, is a shame and this is why boxing is losing it’s following to the UFC and for Oscar de la Hoya ,to been in the ring after the fight with a big smile on his face is a joke his company is making hard for all the up and coming fighters to get a shot at a title fight because all the has been’s are under contrack with him!!! The judges in the Diaz, Malignaggi’s fight should be suspended for a period of time without pay and the checks from Saturday’s fight should be held while they are suspened!!!!!