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Monday, June 18, 2018

Travis Pastrana Raced Despite Broken Leg and Foot by Using Hand Controls

Travis Pastrana and the XGames aren’t subjects we typically cover here at LBS but when something occurs that is uber extreme, we have to post on it. When Pastrana jumped out of an airplane without a parachute in 2007, we wrote about it. Four years later he did something almost as crazy.

Pastrana broke his right leg and foot Thursday night in the Moto X Best Trick competition attempting a 720 “TP roll.” Even though his entire right leg was in a cast, the crazy maniac was determined to drive in the RallyCross event Sunday.

Pastrana’s team created hand controls to use for the car and he practiced with them at the LA Policy Academy Saturday. They also added padding to stabilize his leg.

After finishing second in a heat, he raced in the RallyCross finals. He was actually third and cruising for the bronze medal until crashing on the final lap.

Not only is it crazy that Pastrana raced using hand controls, but it’s even more nuts that the dude was actually racing instead of resting up in the hospital like anyone else would. Then again, this is Travis Pastrana — that’s the sort of thing that makes him the crazy, unique, guy he is.

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