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Friday, February 24, 2017

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Kate Upton reportedly made ‘diva demands’ over SI Swimsuit cover

Kate Upton Justin Verlander

The latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is set to be released next week, and there have been rumblings that Kate Upton will be featured on the cover for the first time since 2013. Or, she might not appear in the magazine at all.

A source told Mara Siegler of Page Six that Upton’s appearance in this year’s Swimsuit Issue is not a given because she is demanding to get the cover.

“There was drama,” the source reportedly said. “Kate demanded that if she did the shoot, that she absolutely must get the cover. She also had a list of photographers and hair and makeup people she would only work with.

“She was being a big f—ing diva. She’s thinks she’s better than everyone because she’s an actress.”

Like last year, Siegler reports that there are supposed to be three different covers for this year’s Swimsuit Issue. One will feature Serena Williams, another will feature 63-year-old Christie Brinkley and a third could be Upton’s. A spokesperson for the magazine downplayed the report about Upton throwing a fit.

“It’s that time of year again. Who is in, who’s on the cover, what will they do next?” the spokesperson said. “Everyone has a guess, and that’s all this is.”

One thing we can say with confidence is that Upton has a temper. Did you see the way she reacted when her boyfriend Justin Verlander didn’t win the AL Cy Young Award this season? Let’s just say Kate is a passionate young lady.

Chrissy Teigen nip slip – wardrobe malfunction at Super bowl

Chrissy Teigen John Legend

Lady Gaga managed to keep the Super Bowl halftime show free of a wardrobe malfunction, but there was one on TV later in the game.

During the third quarter, FOX showed some celebrities in attendance for the Super Bowl in Houston on Sunday. One of the couples they showed was Chrissy Teigen and John Legend.

Now don’t ask me how, but some folks were focusing on Teigen so hard they noticed she had a nip slip:

I don’t know how you folks spot these things, but sheesh, when there’s 100 million people watching, every little thing will get noticed.

Schuyler Sisters add ‘sisterhood’ to America the Beautiful

Schuyler Sisters

Many already figured that Lady Gaga would make a political statement during her halftime show at Super Bowl LI, but the Schuyler Sisters got that process started before the game.

The Schuyler Sisters of the Hamilton musical performed “America the Beautiful” before Super Bowl LI on Sunday in Houston and added something to their rendition of the song.

After the “and crown thy good with brotherhood” lyric, they added in “and sisterhood.” Listen below:

Matt Ryan, wife Sarah feeling Super Bowl nerves

Matt Ryan wife Sarah

Matt Ryan is playing in his first Super Bowl, and apparently FOX thinks he’ll be dealing with some serious nerves.

When FOX showed the injury report for Super Bowl LI, they mentioned that Ryan was dealing with a nerves issue.

That doesn’t exactly seem to match what Alex Mack and Julio Jones are going through.

Matty Ice isn’t the only one in his family concerned about Super Bowl nerves. His wife Sarah also had some concerns about her husband playing in the biggest game of his life:

She better hope the “nerves are real” and worse for her than they are for her husband. Nothing compares to the pressure of playing in the Super Bowl.

Julian Edelman girlfriend Adriana Lima a Conor McGregor fan

Julian Edelman

Does Julian Edelman need to be concerned about a wandering eye from girlfriend Adriana Lima?

The New England Patriots wide receiver is dating Lima, who is a supermodel, which means he took a page out of buddy Tom Brady’s dating playbook. Lima was even at the AFC Championship Game wearing an Edelman beanie and celebrating with him after the win over Pittsburgh:

But Lima’s eye for MMA superstar Conor McGregor has to be a concern for Edelman.

A few months ago, Lima posted this photo:

I AM WITH MC GREGOR @thenotoriousmma

A photo posted by Adriana Lima (@adrianalima) on

And then last week she was in his Instagram comments:

Edelman is a stud. He’s a good looking guy and top receiver for one of the most successful NFL teams out there. But he should keep his head on a swivel, both on and off the field.

Bill Belichick girlfriend Linda Holliday in custom crystal hoodie

Bill Belichick Linda Holliday

Linda Holliday, the girlfriend of New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, has a custom outfit prepared for Super Bowl LI.

Holliday ordered a custom-made crystal hoodie for the game that says “Belichick” across the back:

Belichick and his ex-wife divorced in 2006 after being married for nearly 30 years. He met Holliday in 2007, so they’ve been together around 10 years. She is now the director of the Bill Belichick Foundation.

Holliday also has two daughters — twins Ashley and Katie Hess — who are also Patriots fans:

H-town bound, beyond proud of this team #patriots

A photo posted by Ashley & Katie Hess | Boston (@thepartyoftwo) on

If they win the Super Bowl, you can expect Belichick and Holliday to be caught smooching like they were after the AFC Championship Game.

Tom Brady’s family wears custom ‘Brady’s Ladies’ jerseys

Tom Brady family

Tom Brady is not lacking for support when it comes to the Super Bowl.

Brady’s wife Gisele shared a photo on Instagram Super Bowl Sunday that shows all of the women in Brady’s family wearing jerseys supporting the quarterback.

Here’s Brady’s daughter Vivian in a “Brady’s Little Lady” jersey:

Bom dia! Game day! #superbowl #daddyslittlegirl

A photo posted by Gisele Bündchen (@gisele) on

And here’s another photo Gisele posted of Brady’s wife, mom, sisters, nieces and daughter all in “Brady’s Ladies” jerseys:

We are ready! Let's go @tombrady !! Let's go Pats!!!

A photo posted by Gisele Bündchen (@gisele) on

One of the stories of the Super Bowl has been that Brady’s mother has been dealing with an illness, but she did make it to Houston for the game.

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