Model Ashley Bongiovanni did her best to get Rory McIlroy’s attention at Bridgestone (Video)

A blond model named Ashley Bongiovanni has become somewhat internet famous this week after she was captured by CBS doing her best to attract the attention of Rory McIlroy during the final round at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational in Akron on Sunday.

McIlroy hit his tee shot on the 15th hole and Bongiovanni was right behind him in the gallery looking pretty and running her hand through her hair in an attempt to get the No. 1-ranked golfer’s attention.

After a few folks on social media took note of the blonde in the crowd, Bongiovanni actively responded to get her name attached to the story. For instance, she replied to this tweet sent by CBS Sports’ Kyle Porter:

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Rory McIlroy explains why he is not chasing Jack Nicklaus

Rory McIlroy PGA

Rory McIlroy won his third career major when he captured The Open Championship at the end of July. The 25-year-old has won the U.S. Open, the PGA Championship and The Open, and he’s looking like the most dominant golfer in the world.

Though Rory is young and poised to be one of the next greats of the game — only he, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods won three majors by 25 — he is not setting a goal for a specific amount of majors he wants to win.

“I’m taking it one (major) at a time. I’ve always been reluctant to put a number on it,” McIlroy said in an interview with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi.

Rinaldi asked McIlroy why the Irishman does not have a set amount of majors he wants to win, such as breaking Nicklaus’ record of 18.

“I don’t want to put that pressure on myself. I don’t want to put the burden of trying to achieve something. And I said it at The Open Championship — if I set myself a number and I have one of the best careers ever but I come up a couple short of that number, is that a disappointment? Is that a success? I just don’t see the point of putting a number on it.

“I’m at three, I want to get to four. Hopefully when I get to four I want to get to five. I just want to keep doing it like that.”

Though McIlroy undoubtedly wants to top Nicklaus, it’s probably for the best that he hasn’t set a specific number of majors as his goal. Remember what Charles Barkley said about Tiger Woods? Chuck said Tiger’s sole focus in life was beating Nicklaus’ record. That left him unable to enjoy life, and now look at him since his career went awry.

McIlroy might not top Nicklaus, but we know he’ll be up there when his career is over. And at least he’ll be able to enjoy and appreciate his success as he piles up the honors.

Tiger Woods suffered another back injury (Video)

Tiger-Woods-injures-backTiger Woods withdrew from the Bridgestone Invitational on Sunday after he appeared to aggravate his surgically repaired back. The swing where Woods began feeling pain came on the 2nd hole after he hit an awkward shot in front of a fairway bunker.

Tiger had to take a very uncomfortable stance and lost his balance while swinging. He stumbled back into the bunker and appeared to come up gingerly. He was able to grind through six more holes before a drive on No. 9 appeared to push him over the edge.

Woods withdrew from the tournament after that drive and was later spotted in the parking lot struggling to take off his shoes. It remains unclear if he will play at the PGA Championship — the fourth and final major of the season — this weekend.

In all likelihood, another year has gone by and Tiger remains four major victories behind Jack Nicklaus’ record mark of 18. Woods has not won a major since 2008, which seems like an eternity. While it once looked like a virtual certainty that he would surpass Nicklaus at some point in his career, Tiger’s body is simply breaking down.

Sergio Garcia’s errant tee shot dislodges diamond from woman’s ring (Video)

Sergio Garcia held a three-shot lead over Rory McIlroy after the third round of the Bridgestone Invitational. Unfortunately, Sunday proved to be a struggle.

sergio-garcia-tee-shot-diamond-ringGarcia’s tee shot on the third hole in the fourth and final round was an early indicator it might be rough day for the 34-year-old. Garcia’s drive landed in the gallery and struck a woman’s finger. Not only did the ball hit her finger, it dislodged the diamond from the setting of her ring.

Not surprisingly, Garcia requested the woman’s contact information so he could work with her in replacing the damaged ring. Thankfully, the stone was later found and returned. The woman did receive an autographed ball for her role in the unfortunate incident.

As for the rest of Sergio Garcia’s day, he was overtaken by McIlroy for good on the 11th hole when the 25-year-old sunk a birdie putt. A bogey on the 15th for Garcia essentially secured his runner-up finish.

The day wasn’t a total loss for Garcia though, his second place finish was good enough to move him up to No. 3 in the world.

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Tiger Woods wants some f—ing space (Video)


Tiger Woods did not play particularly well in the third round of the Bridgestone Invitational on Saturday. While Sergio Garcia and the other players atop the leaderboard were draining birdie after birdie, Tiger was struggling to make par en route to a 72. That’s probably why he was in no mood to have a camera in his face.

After playing his second shot out of the rough on hole No. 6, where he ended up with a double-bogey, Tiger cursed out a camera crew. He not-so-kindly asked for some “f—ing space.” Check it out:

Tiger has had a particularly short fuse with camera people lately, which is probably due to the fact that he is struggling and trying to return to form. He also yelled a naughty word when some photographers interrupted his back swing at The Open Championship a couple weeks ago.

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Did Dustin Johnson sleep with PGA wife Alli MacKenzie?

Alli-MacKenzieThe rumors surrounding Dustin Johnson are piling up by the minute in the wake of a report that the 30-year-old has been suspended for six months by the PGA Tour for testing positive for cocaine. Buried within Golf.com’s story about Johnson’s suspension is a tidbit about him having a “sexual indiscretion” with “at least one wife of a PGA Tour player.”

So who was the PGA Tour wife?

Some have speculated that Johnson had a sexual encounter with Alli MacKenzie, the ex-wife of PGA golfer Will MacKenzie. Fox Sports senior golf analyst Robert Lusetich tweeted Friday that it is “not a huge secret” that Johnson had affairs with two wives of PGA players and broke up one marriage.

Our friends at Busted Coverage asked the former model about her relationship with Johnson, and here’s what she had to say.

“We are still friends,” MacKenzie told Busted Coverage. “And Will and I were separated before the supposed indiscretion night. It just wasn’t made public.”

MacKenzie added that she sees Johnson as a “normal guy” who enjoys partying like anyone else his age. She was then asked to clarify that the alleged night with Johnson did not lead to her marital problems.

“Will and I were already separating before this rumor started,” she said. “We both like DJ and wish him the best for sure.”

Some of what MacKenzie was trying to say is clear, and some isn’t. Alli insists Johnson had nothing to do with the marital problems between her and Will, but she didn’t actually say whether she slept with him. She could have simply meant that the rumor about him breaking up a marriage started before she and Will decided to separate — not that they slept together.

Johnson and MacKenzie may not have slept together, but we’re fairly confident DJ has had a romp or two with this lovely lady:

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Dustin Johnson reportedly had sex with another PGA golfer’s wife

Dustin-Johnson-Paulina-GretzkyDustin Johnson has reportedly been suspended from the PGA Tour for testing positive for cocaine. While there have always been rumors linking Johnson’s name to drugs and partying, very few details were ever known. That changed on Friday, as Golf.com also reports that Johnson is known to have had a “sexual indiscretion” with another PGA Tour player’s wife.

Simply put, Dustin doesn’t sound like a stand-up guy.

Johnson’s conduct has long been a topic of conversation among close observers of the Tour. He is often seen in bars near his home in Jupiter, Fla., and is also known to have had a sexual indiscretion with at least one wife of a PGA Tour player.

That could mean a number of things, but the implication is obviously that Johnson had sex with a co-worker’s wife. If that is true, the details aren’t all that important.

It is unclear when the alleged sexual encounter would have taken place. Johnson is engaged to Paulina Gretzky and has been dating her for quite some time, so the timing of the incident may or may not add another disturbing element to the story. Recent photos of Johnson and Gretzky seem to indicate that they are quite happy together.

Johnson was also reportedly suspended from the PGA Tour in 2012 for a positive cocaine test, though he has always maintained that he was out for several weeks with a back injury. There is obviously a lot we don’t know about him.

You can see photos of Johnson’s soon-to-be wife below:

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