Nick Faldo: The Tiger Woods era is over

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods did not make the cut at the PGA Championship at Valhalla this week yet he still was a popular topic of discussion Saturday.

CBS golf commentator Nick Faldo stated the obvious about Woods’ play of late and said Tiger’s era of dominance is over.

“Tiger may win again. And we would love to see him win again, wouldn’t we? But the period — the Tiger era — I have to say is over,” Faldo said early during CBS’ coverage Saturday.

If Tiger’s era of dominance is over, does that mean we’re in a new era — perhaps the Rory McIlroy era?

“We are in a new era now. Whether it becomes Rory McIlroy’s era, we don’t quite know yet. He’s sure making a damn good case for it. But there’s such great quality — the quality left and right of Tiger I think is amazing.

“The era of his dominance is over. We’re definitely on a new era now.”

Eldrick’s last major win came in 2008. He’s had 9 top-10 finishes in majors since then, but he’s also been cut three times including this weekend. Between injuries and simply not winning, it’s been obvious that Tiger is no longer the dominant golfer he was. At 25 and already with three majors, it looks like McIlroy is the new world leader.

Report: Dustin Johnson not in rehab, golfing with girlfriend Paulina Gretzky


Dustin Johnson announced last week that he is taking a voluntary leave of absence from golf to “seek professional help for personal challenges I have faced.” Couple that with a report about Johnson being suspended for six months for failing a drug test for cocaine, and many drew the conclusion that Johnson is heading to rehab. That doesn’t appear to be the case.

According to Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte, Johnson has been spending time at a golf resort in Northern Idaho with Paulina Gretzky and her family.

“Most thought [the announcement] was a hint that he was going to a treatment center,” Rosaforte said Wednesday. “Instead, he’s been up in Northern Idaho at Gozzer Ranch [Golf and Lake Club], hanging out with the Gretzky family, caddying for Paulina in the club’s ladies’ member-guest, and playing a lot of golf, playing almost every day.”

And apparently DJ’s golf game remains on point.

“He shot 61 this week, could have been a 59,” Rosaforte added.

It should be noted that Johnson could still be meeting with some sort of counselor and spending time with his future in-laws, but he obviously isn’t at any type of overnight rehab center. Remember that report we shared with you about Wayne Gretzky warning Johnson to clean up his act? Maybe The Great One is the therapist.

Tiger Woods drops another F-bomb (Video)

tiger-woodsTiger Woods has not played well since returning from back surgery, and the result has been at least one F-bomb per week. The latest came during the first round of the PGA Championship on Thursday when Tiger yanked his tee shot on hole No. 2 (his 11th after starting on No. 10) into a hazard.

It sounds like Tiger added a little extra this time. I’m pretty sure that was, “For f—‘s sake!”

Woods, who was able to play at Valhalla despite withdrawing from the Bridgestone Invitational last week with another back injury, has been particularly irritable lately. He took the Lord’s name in vain at the British Open last month and swore at a camera crew last weekend. He needs a massage or something.

Video via The Big Lead

Wayne Gretzky told Dustin Johnson to clean up his act?

dustin-johnsonDustin Johnson has supposedly had problems off the golf course for quite some time now, and it sounds like his behavior was a cause for concern for his future father-in-law. Did Wayne Gretzky have a chat with Johnson to tell him to tone down the partying?

According to Hollie McKay of FOX411, the Great One did just that. Gretzky, father of Johnson’s 25-year-old fiancee Paulina Gretzky, reportedly told Johnson at one point to “clean up his act” or there would be no wedding. The Gretzkys are said to be well aware of Johnson’s party boy antics, and Wayne has tried to be a positive influence.

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Johnson and Paulina Gretzky got engaged last summer and were initially planning a Fall 2014 wedding. Wayne Gretzky later said in an interview that the wedding has been postponed due to Johnson’s busy schedule, but it would be fair to wonder if there was more to it than that.

Johnson has taken a “voluntary leave of absence” from golf and the PGA Tour insists he has not been suspended, though a report from Golf.com claims he was suspended for six months after testing positive for cocaine. In addition to the drug allegations, Johnson has also been accused of sleeping with at least one other PGA Tour golfer’s wife.

It is unclear what effect, if any, Johnson’s troubles will have (or have had) on his relationship with Paulina.

Model Ashley Bongiovanni did her best to get Rory McIlroy’s attention at Bridgestone (Video)

A blond model named Ashley Bongiovanni has become somewhat internet famous this week after she was captured by CBS doing her best to attract the attention of Rory McIlroy during the final round at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational in Akron on Sunday.

McIlroy hit his tee shot on the 15th hole and Bongiovanni was right behind him in the gallery looking pretty and running her hand through her hair in an attempt to get the No. 1-ranked golfer’s attention.

After a few folks on social media took note of the blonde in the crowd, Bongiovanni actively responded to get her name attached to the story. For instance, she replied to this tweet sent by CBS Sports’ Kyle Porter:

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Rory McIlroy explains why he is not chasing Jack Nicklaus

Rory McIlroy PGA

Rory McIlroy won his third career major when he captured The Open Championship at the end of July. The 25-year-old has won the U.S. Open, the PGA Championship and The Open, and he’s looking like the most dominant golfer in the world.

Though Rory is young and poised to be one of the next greats of the game — only he, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods won three majors by 25 — he is not setting a goal for a specific amount of majors he wants to win.

“I’m taking it one (major) at a time. I’ve always been reluctant to put a number on it,” McIlroy said in an interview with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi.

Rinaldi asked McIlroy why the Irishman does not have a set amount of majors he wants to win, such as breaking Nicklaus’ record of 18.

“I don’t want to put that pressure on myself. I don’t want to put the burden of trying to achieve something. And I said it at The Open Championship — if I set myself a number and I have one of the best careers ever but I come up a couple short of that number, is that a disappointment? Is that a success? I just don’t see the point of putting a number on it.

“I’m at three, I want to get to four. Hopefully when I get to four I want to get to five. I just want to keep doing it like that.”

Though McIlroy undoubtedly wants to top Nicklaus, it’s probably for the best that he hasn’t set a specific number of majors as his goal. Remember what Charles Barkley said about Tiger Woods? Chuck said Tiger’s sole focus in life was beating Nicklaus’ record. That left him unable to enjoy life, and now look at him since his career went awry.

McIlroy might not top Nicklaus, but we know he’ll be up there when his career is over. And at least he’ll be able to enjoy and appreciate his success as he piles up the honors.

Tiger Woods suffered another back injury (Video)

Tiger-Woods-injures-backTiger Woods withdrew from the Bridgestone Invitational on Sunday after he appeared to aggravate his surgically repaired back. The swing where Woods began feeling pain came on the 2nd hole after he hit an awkward shot in front of a fairway bunker.

Tiger had to take a very uncomfortable stance and lost his balance while swinging. He stumbled back into the bunker and appeared to come up gingerly. He was able to grind through six more holes before a drive on No. 9 appeared to push him over the edge.

Woods withdrew from the tournament after that drive and was later spotted in the parking lot struggling to take off his shoes. It remains unclear if he will play at the PGA Championship — the fourth and final major of the season — this weekend.

In all likelihood, another year has gone by and Tiger remains four major victories behind Jack Nicklaus’ record mark of 18. Woods has not won a major since 2008, which seems like an eternity. While it once looked like a virtual certainty that he would surpass Nicklaus at some point in his career, Tiger’s body is simply breaking down.