Dick Vitale Hangs Up on The Dan LeBatard Show (Audio)

It was only a matter of time.  With all the rambling and adrenaline rushing Dick Vitale experiences on a daily basis, his system was bound to overload itself.  You may not have thunk it possible, but even the most opinionated man in college basketball has a boiling point that is capable of closing the valve.  That phenomenon happens when you talk about John Calipari or any of his other long-time coaching friends.  Check out this audio of Dick Vitale hanging up on The Dan LeBatard Show, courtesy of Los That Sports Blog:

I have to be honest, I didn’t see that coming.  Even when I knew what I was listening to I still didn’t think he was going to hang up.  The conversation never really seemed like it got heated enough to warrant a hang up, but I guess Dickie V was steaming enough to channel his inner Don Cooper.  What a good friend.

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  • http://twitter.com/IntheOT Chad Margulius

    LeBatard and his sidekick are such a joke and so soft. They want to make accusations but are then afraid to back it up. Stick to your guns with your opinion instead of being so soft and trying to put the blame on your cohost. And these guys are considered the cream of the crop in sports broadcasting, makes me want to PUKE.